Friday, February 22, 2013

Samson, Poppie comes home sick, Bowties and Berets.

I was bound and determined to be better.  I got up and started my day.  Stacked the dishwasher and laid Bubbles down for a nap.  I started making a beret our of scarps and tried to imagine in my mind how to make a bow tie out of wool scraps.  I had just started into getting my day on track when Poppie came in.  I was standing in the kitchen chopping veggies to make a veggie chowder.  He was sicker than he had been all week.  He was coughing and hacking.  He got to spend the rest of the day on the couch.  I has so hoped that we were on the mend, but someone always has to start the process over.  He is better today so let's hope it was a momentary lapse.  The chowder turned out great.

I ended up with two really cute berets, both fit Bubble really cute, one a patchwork of fun and the other a grey. I made a cute bow tie, but since I am not sure most people can tie them, as I couldn't before looking it up, I am making it a stationary tie.  I have one done and working on a second.  I have three covers to make today. I like a project even if I have to take time outs between each step in the process.

I seem to have pulled a muscle in my stomach with all my coughing.  I did the same thing last year but it was in a little bit different place and this is playing havoc with my GERD.  I am going to take it slow again today and pace myself as it seems to be working.  Still not allowed to go outside and that seem to be working.  I haven't even seen the newest baby.  Well I must get up and prepare to attack the day.  Bubble is in the front room and being quiet, never a good thing.  Her mom will be home at 5 and then no more babies until Wednesday, and a good long rest will be had by all..... tomorrow.

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