Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bug left this morning, Bubbles has the flu and do you ever stop worring about you kids?

Bug is officially off on his new adventure,  I hope he stays on the track he is cutting out for himself. He is a much better man for having God in his life and remembering where he came from and where his goals want to take him. He was apprehensive when he left maybe that will stand him good remembering that he should not be in control of his life but stand back and left God take him where he wants him to go.  I send him away with love and prayers for his success. 

Bubbles was funny on Friday toward the end of the day she was trying to throw up and then would stop.  I tried to put a towel on her lap so she would not throw up all over me.  She did not want the towel on her lap and she would push it away.  I told her I don't want you to throw up on me so if you have to throw up you need the towel.  She still pushed it away and then all of a sudden she grabbed it and put it on her lap and then promptly threw up on it.  She did this same little ritual twice.  I was very proud of her, she didn't want that towel on her but she definitely knew Nannie didn't want any throw up on her.  I don't think I could have managed it on me without joining her.  Poppie was in the same boat.  Mokie took her to the DR and she officially has the flu, great I hope she is just part of what we have been going through and not bringing anything new to the plate.  I am very ready to be better each and every day.

Church was nice, if a bit lonely without Bug.  Not everyone was there but they could be sick at home with the crud like we have all had.  The message was about Jonah today.  It is only a little 4 chapter book but it has such a message for us and that we should be on the path God wants us on, and if not sometime God sends his own special messenger to take you where he wants you to go.  I think that I am on the right track in so many ways these last few years, I know I have far to go and lots of work but I am on my way.  I am happy to say that my kids are all on track or making strides to be on the right tracks in their lives.  I pray that they are and if not they look to God for his guidance to put them on the path he wants them to be on.  I pray for my patience and my kids patience to know that God works in his time and not ours.  We so often get tired of God's time and try to change it but all things are done and completed in Gods time.  We just need to pray for and embrace God's time and how it works in our lives.  I hope for you God's time and will in your life. We all should be so blessed.... tomorrow.

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