Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bubble on the mend we hope, Cubbie has pre-school.

I was so excited I got to go outside for the first time in a long time, Poppie allowed me to go.  We visited the new babies, Samson, Jack, Caliope and Coral.  The two little girl twins are the smallest but the feistiest.  They follow Cleo around and try the hay.  Jack and Samson both big singles are lazy.  Samson the biggest is the laziest of all.  He just lays and sleep awaiting his mom to come feed him.  They are all very pretty.  Not sure when more are coming.  We had put Rootbeer in with the does but Mokie took him out and took him to her place so not sure who wasn't breed.  We then put Caesar in just before he died so unsure who got breed and who didn't.  I think it is a blessing either way, some need to have babies and some may need a rest.  I got to pat Miss Chops she is getting ready to have her babies.  We locked her in to the dry half of the pen so she doesn't have babies in the mud, her favorite part of the pen.   She still has a few hens that share her grain, and the little Berkshires got out of their pen and were visiting her part of the day before Poppie called them to get back in their pen.  They can push the door open but it has a spring hinged so it closes and they can't get back in.  Red is growing fat and sassy in his own pen.  We lost one of the piglets to a ruptured rectum, we think Red laid on him when it got cold.  So Red is alone as we don't want him to hurt the two smaller Berkshires.  They are still together until they get older and are breed able, then we will split them until breeding time.

Bubbles is here this morning, she threw up all weekend and had to go to the Dr yesterday.  She has finally stopped throw up and is pleasantly sleeping in my bed.  Cubbie is awaiting Pre-school she loves her time to learn.  Miss Pre-school always makes if fun for her and she gets to be one on one with some who just wants to teach her things, she actually wants to learn. 

I am hoping to get some cleaning done, even at their best Poppie and the Ladies just don't seem to see all the things that bug me that aren't clean.  I know that things that don't bother me drive others crazy so I get to see a  little of it in reverse. 

I got my newest book by M. R. De Haan, had read all the others I had gotten so am excited to get into this one.  This one is about the book of Ruth,  I have always liked the book of Ruth she was such an inspiration.  This book promises to be great. It is told from the perspective of Naomi being Israel in prophesy.  I am excited to read the perspective.  Our daily Bible reading is coming along great and the Ladies have started new parables to learn.  The longest ones yet, 16 verses each.  The parable of the talents.  I love that they learn so much in their memorizing.  Off to start the day and await Pre-school.  I hope the Lord comes into your life in a new and exciting way, he will you know its all for the asking.....tomorrow.

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