Monday, February 18, 2013

Booboo and I were too ambitious....... now grounded from the party.

We got up and went to Zootown first thing this morning.  Booboo and I were a bit off but thought we were still on the mend.  We left the house around 9 and were on the road.  The first whole family trip since we can't even remember.  Mokie and family were going to Zootown as well but we didn't see them anywhere.  Bug who was to leave yesterday will not be leaving until tomorrow so he was at home getting to get an unexpected visit with his kids.  He had had a visit on Friday but Buga had been sick and he had only got to see Eldest and M.  He invited us to a going away party for one and all, the kids will soon be going to the Zoo for an extended time.  We decided to go early to get back in time to be at his party.  He was having a special cake made.
We started down the road and Poppie put the cruise on 60, we don't have to be anywhere in a hurry.  I remarked that it's funny when the older kids were little we were young and stupid and in a hurry to be everywhere yesterday so pushed the limits all the time.  No wonder they all think we are crazy in our old age and drive like fuddy duddies.  The girls are used to going no place fast so maybe they will drive like sane people.  I digress.  We went to Ross but they didn't have anything we wanted, then we went to TJ Maxx the girls each bought two pairs of pants.  We then went to Wallyworld, the girls each got a jacket, a coat and a dress, and Booboo got an art kit.  I got a couple stretch canvases and some board canvases for a couple ideas I have.  We went to Costco got a load of all the things I have ran out of this winter, so filled the pantry as best we could.  We went over to Tuesday Morning, Booboo and I went in there.  Poppie and Yogie went next door to Harbor Light  Freight, I think that is what it is called.  We got a couple cookie sheets and some headphones for the girls Nooks or mp3 players, couldn't find a phone skin to fit my phone.  We then went over to Fuddruckers.  Booboo has been wanting to go since September.  By this time Booboo and I had been coughing all morning.  We got burgers, fries, shakes for them and lemonade for me.  Booboo was so sick she couldn't eat her burger.  We left and came home.  Both girls slept all the way home.

We unpacked the car, processed all the meat, and groceries took NyQuil and Booboo and I are now in bed.  I activated Poppies new phone and now typing to you.  Yogie and Poppie got to go to the party to play Kinects and have cake.  I hate this crud, I think between the BBFC, Church and Zootown we have way over done it. So Poppie has grounded us to bed, and wouldn't you know it Booboo likes the silly kids shows so once I am done talking to you I am off to reading my book. I truly hope one and all feel better than the two of us. ........ tomorrow.

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