Friday, February 1, 2013

The Symphony, grands, heartburn, crs.... you know the norm.

Yogie and Dimples are off on a field trip today.  It is actually a day off from school but their wonderful teacher has scheduled a field trip, all that are going volunteered to go.  She normally takes her class on field trip annually, for a special symphony day, but this year it fell on a day off from school. She went out of her way to make sure those that wanted to go enjoy a special trip to see the symphony, something most of them haven't experienced, get to go.  They will be having pizza on the field trip as well, but I think it is the kindness of their teacher and the music they will remember the most. 

I will be home with all of Mokie's kids, and Booboo.  She will be a blessing for me today.  Yesterday Yogie went with Mokie to go feed rabbits and Booboo and Dimples stayed home to feed rabbitis here.  The two of them have rabbits as their 4-h project. There is no project leader so I have to step up and help them work through it here at home.  I think I have to help Yogie in the same manner with her goat project.  I do believe there is a pig project leader so Yogie and Booboo will attend those, but I will have to make up the difference for the three in rabbits and goats.  I digress.  Anyway, Booboo wanted to help Bug make dinner, as he secretly didn't want the goat stew I made and since is wasn't quite done and Poppie was a little sick I agreed, he volunteered to make polish dogs and homemade french fries.  Booboo was so excited to help him but he wanted to wait until Yogie got home, Booboo entertained Dimples while Yogie was gone.  Alas, when Yogie arrived Bug was tired of the girls and decided he only wanted to work with one of them, he mistakenly assumed Dimples was Booboo guest so shooed them out of the kitchen and insisted Yogie help him,  she doesn't like to cook all that much, except with mom, and didn't want to but Bug would have none of it.  So the one who wanted to help her brother lost out, the one who didn't want to help was testy and the brother was clueless.  I guess you never can fix everything and you shouldn't try if the fixee is an adult that is not listening.  Fries made, girls feed and Nannie had heartburn all night.  Imagine that, fried food, mustard and ketchup all on the normal heartburn list, oh to have been able to eat the lovely goat stew.  Today they all eat goat stew and maybe my heartburn will got away.

I have all three grands today,  Bubbles is sucking her bottle all cuddled up to me now, her mom dropped her off.  Boy and Cubbie will arrive when their dad drops them off, Cubbie will be going to pre-school with her mom at 10 so that is great.  I will have to deal with Boy and I hope Booboo will help me out with that.  He has been especially continuous this week, and the last couple weeks come to think of it, maybe it is just the winter blues I really don't know but I do not look forward to naughty boys.  I think it will be nice enough for him to be outside part of the day so that is a blessing. 

I think maybe, just maybe I will get to have some time with Booboo so we can make an fresh apple cake and maybe that will soothe her slightly from last night.  We are going to make canned tomatoes this coming week from the tomatoes we ordered from BBFC.  We were to make marmalade but I am not the brightest bulb in the pack and messed the ordering of the citrus up so bad I don't see it on the check out sheets.  Now, I think I have to put in for a credit form, I guess I had to sometime but didn't think it would be for myself.  Say la vee, I hope the Lord blesses you with  his best for you today, I know that he does every day but it is never wrong to pray for blessings, while praising... tomorrow.

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