Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yogie was too optimistic, Poppie is getting it and Acts.....

Yesterday was not a day of much energy for anyone here, the good news is the Booboo is on the mend and up and at it.  Yogie called to have dad come get her and she spent the rest of the day in the chair under a blanket.  She didn't get away unscathed, she is on Nyquil as we speak and in bed.  Poppie is now sick and since he gets sick different from the rest of us, making lots of bathroom calls.  He is not happy with any of us for sharing.  Booboo and I have pies to make today for tomorrow is potluck.  Yogie will be person non grata in our kitchen.  Poppie has a list of things he wants to do, couldn't actually take two days of rest, "one is more than enough for anyone"  and one wonders why he needs a babysitter.  

I spent the day trying to regain my energy and since I was physically doing it I figured I might as well do it spiritually as well.  I read Pentecost and After by M. R. De Haan.  It was a wonderful book, it was so rewarding a read and so very enlightening. It was on the book of Acts. It always amazes me how you can ponder on what God wants you to do and out of the blue he sends you the answer in sometimes the most obscure way.  I has been struggling for some time with some questions and seemingly out of the blue I got a book that was written by De Haan, and it having answered one of questions I have been worrying about and then I picked up another one of his books and it leads me to the answer to another of my questions.  The books are all heavy with the scriptures that are to be read in conjunction with his books. I am filled with the spirit of the Lord this morning, it is always nice to be refilled.  I am so excited that I am trying to find the rest of his writings.  The were at one time all radio sermons, how exciting to have heard them would have been.  I like when you hear a Preacher speak and you can walk aways saying "wasn't the word of God soul filling"  but am depressed when I hear some one say wasn't the Preacher's message good today.  One is not the reason to go to church and one is the only reason to.  The glory should always be God's, and never some individuals, God is no respecter of persons.  The glory of God does come forth in this authors books. The Glory of God is all ..... tomorrow. 

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