Friday, March 29, 2013

Bake sale baking, bread to make, a new tooth.....not really.

The girls got a call last night from the president of the 4-H, her mom had told her my girls have both volunteered to be on the relay for life team for 4-H, they are going to have a bake sale . They were going to be baking today anyway, we were to make bread and pies for potluck on Sunday.  They have decided that they will make Easter Cakes, pies, dinner buns and bread loaves.  They will be part of the 4-H bake sale at Castles from 11 to 1 on Saturday.  They are going to practice some decorating techniques on their little cakes, they should sell better with an Easter theme.

Bug is gone back to ND but he did get to go to teacher's conference with his kids and visit with them for 6 hours.  It was so nice that he actually got to go the conferences.  He took the kids ice skating, they had a wonderful time with their dad.  Such a blessing to see, or I guess hear about.  They are doing well in the program they are in, hopefully rebuilding their bond with their mom, a blessing if she succeeds.  I am glad they got into the program, in Zootown. He will be back in May.

Years ago the "dentist" here in town decided to fix my teeth by grinding the front off of teeth that I already grind the back off, and then put a compound on the front to "build them up".  Well if the compound would have stayed on the teeth that would have been wonderful but alas it did not so in the end I have teeth that I naturally grind off in the back, I have tried the night prosthetic to stop it but ground through it, I digress.  Anyway, in the end I have front teeth with the enamel ground off the back naturally and ground of the front by an idiot.  I also have a front tooth that was broke half off when I was in the 4th grade that could have been fixed if my mom had let them but she thought I would be ugly with a silver tooth so instead of it being fixed, I just ground the other one to match it.  Needless to say I have messed up teeth.  It the last few weeks one of them, the most ground off in the front that had gotten a hair line crack finally gave up and broke in half and then broke off completely at the gum line.  It looks ugly, I really need to go to the Zoo and get it fixed but a couple days ago I woke up and it really hurt.  Well the root is now infected so I will have to get ride of that before they could possible pull it.  So to make a long story short, now that the big pain makers I had for 5 years are gone and I should be enjoying my relief, I now have a new tooth that couldn't wait to remind me that some of my teeth are really bad (the ground off ones in the front), and the rest are small, ugly but as good as gold.  I really didn't want to spend another spring with tooth pain, but say la vee. 

Kids are here, all eating their breakfast, three left over pancakes from yesterday, some coffee cake Mokie brought , and one who has thrown both on the floor and is now screaming at the sippy cup her mom wants her to drink, instead of her bottle, trying to take a nap.  Nannie has to go and sooth a fit with tears, the angry ones, the fake ones.....  I hope the Lord blesses your day, I hope he allows you pain that makes you know you are alive and you need him.  I hope he talks to your heart in such a way that makes you run to his open arm, just like any father he awaits us with open arms when we are in pain. He is our father he loves us always, and forgives as only a father can...  tomorrow.

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