Monday, March 18, 2013

More snow... isn't spring to begin on thursday?

Poppie is not one bit happy with the snow we have gotten the last two days.  We had new babies on Saturday,  I read somewhere that much to the dismay of "old goat breeders" assumption that most babies are born into the middle of the night they are most often born around two in the afternoon.  It does seem that a good many of ours are born around then and these two were on that exact schedule.  I was getting ready to go to BBFC and had just gotten into the tub when Yogie came running in saying "daddy needs you".  I told her I would come out as soon as I could.  Poppie had to deliver his first baby.  The little guy had presented one foot and head first,  Poppie was happily waiting for me to come when he noticed that the baby was gasping for breath, he awaited a contraction and pulled the little one.  The momma let our a loud scream and the little guy slid to the ground.  He is a wonderful red color with black and white markings.  I joined them and in just a short time we had a little white spotty female that needed no assistance to come into the world, her brother had paved the way so to speak.  We are now up to three live girls and three live boys.  We have had two females have babies early so the babies didn't end up living.  We think our herd leader may have hit them and caused trouble so Poppie is really getting on her for butting.  She is starting to be nicer.  If she doesn't she will have to be penned up with her babies in a separate pen.  The two new ones are Lucy Lou's so they are Lollipop and Larry the cable goat.  My girls have a sense of humor sometimes. 

We have more snow this morning and Poppie is grumbling about it, we are supposed to get 1 to 3 inches so by noon he should really be whining.  I hope that spring gets here and stays before long I am tired of it's teasing and running away.  I do like that it hasn't been raining, it rained all fall and enough is enough.  I want glorious warm productive spring.  We have so many things we want to get done.  Poppie did get some backhoeing done in the goat pen and he says we have a bumper crop of manure for the gardens.  I am looking forward to using it in the lawn, the gardens, gifting some and just having nice old pile of manure for future use and project.  Funny how much of a blessing a little manure can be. 

I am making lemonade concentrate and some lemon curd today.  I am excited to get on it.  I am also going to buy a bottle of vodka and make up some lemon extract and some vanilla extract.  I can't wait to see how they come out, I may just never buy extract again, well since I can't afford the extract and only get the imitation I may never have to get it again either.  I can imaging the extracts I could make, anything could be...... I digress.  I have had to buy two cases of jars lately, I am looking to find a good case price on lids but haven't found one.  I do know you never want to buy jars on eBay, I can get them locally for around 10 to 11 a case, a little less in Zootown, on eBay people are selling them for around 25 plus shipping.  I am thinking that only new to canning people are buying these and being hoodwinked, they need to go to their local walmart and get real.   I do totally go crazy when I find a bunch at a rummage sale, what a blessing.  Okay, well enough about me,  I hope you have a great day and the Lord blesses you or gives you a tribulation that causes you to seek his solace.... tomorrow.

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