Thursday, March 28, 2013

The divider on it's way, a side rail to be a pot hanger.....

Poppie and I worked on the divider most of the afternoon.  Poppie put little nails from one side to the other.  It was kind of funny he had to put them in blind, he didn't want pencil marks on viewable side and since both sides are viewable he had to work harder.  It makes the room look a lot different but since he has been watching DIY shows that upcycle old items into new it is much more open to some of my idea.  We are going to us an old bench from the goat pen to make an isle, I think I have mentioned that, but I also want a pan wrack over it and have ben looking for a likely candidate.  Yesterday I notice a bit of blue paint on an old pickup box wrack.  The pickup is a 1953 and I have no idea how old the wrack it but is has bits of paint that match shelves already in the kitchen, so imagine my surprise when I suggested it Poppie said that would probably work.  I am so excited that he sees the possibilities in old things, but then maybe it only because it's a wrack from and old truck, who knows but I get a cool wrack either way. 

Bug is home today to visit but it will probably just be for today and gone back tomorrow.  It is nice to see him and know he is still on the right path with God in his life.  I am glad he is blossoming and going forward with is life.  I have kitchen to rearrange and stuff to do so this is short and sweet.... tomorrow.

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