Friday, March 1, 2013

Little Ladies, ever evolving sickness, today open burning begin......

I haven't had the little grands for a couple days, it has been a nice respite, though I am sure their sick dad is struggling with having to take care of them but I have no sympathy or willingness to volunteer.  I am taking this time to try and get fully well but did get a nauseous feeling all afternoon so maybe Bubbles has shared, lets hope not.  My Ladies each have a friends over and they had a sleep over, Poppie and I escaped to our room and shut the door and them out, yay for us.  They are all just awakening now so they weren't up all that late, we do adhere to the 8 o'clock rule and they do respect it pretty much.  I have not a clue of their plans for the morning.  I am hoping to take my two out for part of the afternoon, so I really hope the party brakes by noon but we shall see.

Open burning starts today and we have been awaiting it with bated breath, it is so renewing to get to burn all of the winter blues away by raking and burning.  I think that this spring will shape up to be one that we can, the last two have been a deluge and burning was not all that profitable as we didn't really get to do a good burn. We have to fix the garden fence and put up cross boards to keep the goats from pushing the fence in.  We are also not going to allow the goats to have the run of the yard this year, they have actually really helped to change it for the good but we have plans to redo the pond and grow new grass so they would just hamper that so they will be in their various pens this season.  I am really trying to change the composition of my herd to a more strongly meat goat, after the set back of the cougars it is seeming to now come to fruition.  I have gotten to beautiful full blood females, which are a replacement for their lost sisters.  It has just taken two years.  I lost Caesar over the winter so we are looking forward to some of his last progeny.  I have the younger buck Rootbeer that has some different genetics to strengthen my breed in an inline breeding manner.  I am looking to having to buy a new out sourced buck next season or the one after to develop more.  I am hoping to get some good breeding stock from Rootbeer between now and then.  I have 5 or six does still to kid.  Can't wait to see the out come.   I love the renewance that spring brings, to our lives and souls. 

I think that God gives us great tribulation so that he can give us great renewal and for some reason I have had a sad, tribulating winter and am looking forward to his gift of renewance.  I some times wonder if God helps me understand others problems by giving me some so I can have compassion for those who struggle as well.  I do know that being down and sick makes me prayer for my fellow man all the more.  I  know that sometimes the ones I pray for the most are the ones that add to my depression and sadness.  I send out prayers of joy to all those who struggle hoping that they should know that God is the answer to all our struggles and is the only way to true happiness in this life and the next... tomorrow.

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