Saturday, March 30, 2013

BBFC, Bake s ale, singing at the nursing home,eggs to dye and stuff to make for potuck.... can you say busy.

Spent the morning getting my stuff ready for BBFC, no time yesterday the list came in late and I was helping the little bakers.  They did great, both ended up with 2 cakes, 1 pie, 1 pan of buns, 1 regular loaf of bread and 2 braided loaves.  That should give them a goodly amount, with Easter tomorrow they should sell all their stuff.  They will be on their way to earning the 100 donation they each need for relay for life, they are on the 4-H team.  It will be from 11 to 1 this morning. 

The lady that is buying one of my little withers is stopping by to see him around 2, I have to be at BBFC at 3:30, after dropping the girls off to sing duets at the nursing home and assisted living with the church for services with them.  When baskets are all distributed  we have to come home and make up stuff for potluck and dye eggs.  Today will be a whirl wind of time and time management. 

Poppie got half of my divider stained and it really looks nice,  he made sure to get a stain that matched my oak cupboard very nicely.  I can't wait to get to use it.  We will be working on the isle next,  I am going to add hub caps from my beloved Mercedes that I had for several years it was a 1975, but unknown to us some one had welded the A frame and it finely fell apart, we had to scrap it but I have the hub caps and they should be cool for hanging pans from on my antiques side wrack.  I know that sounds silly but Poppie is on board, probably again due to the use of automotive parts as an element of the design. 

Printing to do, packing and taking ladies to the bakes sale next and on down the line, I just might make it if we stay on tomorrow.

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