Sunday, March 17, 2013

Do you minister? To who and how? Do you even know?

Yesterday was BBFC day and it went off great, the flow is great and we have finally got it down to a machine, could be a well oiled machine but I don't want to jinx it by being overly confident.  My Ladies went with the Churches to the services for the nursing home and the assisted living.  They had practiced two songs all week, they wanted to get it right and know that they could sing loud enough for the old folks to hear them  The Preacher and the Violinist both told me when they picked up their baskets that the Ladies did well.  Praise the Lord.

This morning during Sunday school services the Preacher praised their efforts and their ministering to the old folks.  They were both proud and have both decided that with 4-h, the relay for life and with singing at the nursing home that they do not want to play organized baseball this year.  I kind of think their choice is a good one for them.  They won't be over extended and they chose singing praises to the Lord to people who need their ministering over other options, maybe I am getting it right the second time around after all. 

I did have to contemplate the Preacher's message that we all minister.  It is what we are called to do in the Bible but so much of the time we don't think about it or maybe we think it is the preachers job, or maybe we don't have time or maybe we don't know how or maybe a dozen other things.  We don't minister.  What is ministering?  We know how to minister to a child with a cut, or a booboo.  We know how to sympathize with a sobbing child, of any age, as we age as mothers or fathers but do we minister to people for God?  I know that as parents Poppie and I both taught our children about the Bible and God.  We did it to the best of our ability at the time so the degree of our ability my have varied as we aged.  I don't think we questioned that we are to minister to our children but do we ever think of ministering to others on purpose or by accident?  Some of us do more accidental minister than any that we would plan I am sure. 

Accidental minister can be as simple as how we live our lives and what people see us doing, do we treat people well?  Are we sober, or drug free?  Are we gossips, or slanders, do we care for our fellow man? do we make our lives good examples to others?  Do we give of ourselves?  All are good ways to minister if the person we are ministering to sees our examples as being the result of  living our lives for the Lord.  I know that I am not someone who has ever gone door to door ministering with an intend to minister.  I do know that I speak of the Lord as part of my daily life.  I try to never be ashamed of my faith in God, people who know me either listen, over look my speaking of the Lord and ignore it or understand that I am the Lords.  Those are the people you can talk to later and discuss the Bible with  or just the Lord, in general.  Those are your ministry.  I have only just really began to think of my blog as a ministry for the Lord.  I always thought that it was for my kids, grands and that if any one ever opened a Bible in curiosity because of my faith in God that I would be so glad and I would praise the Lord for giving me this little space to have spoken to just one lost soul.  Recently, I have begun to think that for some reason, I have regular readers, maybe it is for the antics of my goats, kids or grands and that is great, but what if it is for the little bit of the Lord I speak about? what if just one person wanted to know more of my experiences with the Lord? wouldn't I be ministering to that one soul?  Wouldn't God want that of me?  I do intend to speak more forthright about the Lord and hope that some of you see the Lord for the first time,  maybe just maybe that by hearing you believe and seek the Lord.  I am telling you, so I am thinking you are hearing but it could really just be reading after all, but think of the joy of just one lost soul seeking God from reading one word or hear one thing I might share.  That would be such a praise to the Lord, how glorious would that be?....... tomorrow.

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