Monday, March 4, 2013

Booboo sick, again, Jam, the Zoo and salvation.

We had a very nice time at Chruch, since most of the people at Church are BBFCer's we all had to share our joy of our baskets.  Several were sad they did not get add ons so will be getting more add on next time.  I am so glad that we have BBFC and our little town can share in the produce and comradery of doing something good for our community.  The message was very good, it was about how to help some one to their salvation.  I liked that your answer would not have to be "oh, let me find someone else to help you".  I think that God calls all of us to spread the Gospel and that we are all called to be able to open our Bibles and show someone how to seek their salvation.  I am not of the mind that winning souls to God is a thing of numbers and that we should have a count of people we have helped.  I don't think that any of us saves any one, God is the only salvation and believing in Jesus is salvation.  None of us save anyone, we can not even save ourselves.  I have just read M R. De Haan. Romance and redemption.  The story of Ruth and Boaz, it was a marvelous read with so many insights to salvation and our redeemer.  I like that when I read De Haans books I see new things in the Bible that seem to make more sense to me.  I have about 6 of his 25 books so looking to acquire the rest.  It always amazes me when I study during the week something specific in the Bible that God seems to direct the Preachers message toward incorporating my studies in to the messages.  Coincidence, I think not. 

I have prayed most of my life but have never been some one that prayed for me specifically or for others specifically.  I was more a general prayer, or in general for some one.  I was never taught to asked for things, as I always found that that would be selfish or greedy.  I guess I am not explaining this well, I guess I just only prayed for myself in desperation and sort of prayed as a compromise, which I knew to be wrong at the time I did it, so rarely prayed that way, or only when I found myself in despair.  Of late I have prayed much differently, still not really for myself vary often but more for understand, patience, maybe just more with love and understanding of others, not quite sure how to explain it still.  I have prayed for my enemy, I have prayed for my friends and one night in sure pain I prayed for the acute pain to please leave me.  I have gotten answers from God for all.  The night I prayed in pain, it just quit, only the acute pain and in an instant, it just went.  I have no other explanation than it just left.  My regular pains and aches stayed but the acute agonizing pain just left, no other explanation than that God took it.  I do know that my redeemer lives. 

Booboo and I were in the process of making jam yesterday.  I had out the 13 jars it would take and we were squishing berries.  Booboo of a sudden got sick to her stomach and exceedingly tire, she went to lay down, I check her and 5 minute later she was asleep and snoring.  She needed the healing time so I finished the jam.  Yogie helped me finish up the jars.  I was to get 12 pints, but we ended up with 13 pints, 1 quart and one bowl of jam.  It was setting up great right away so a wonder success.  Blackberry with a little huckleberry to complete the fruit amount. 

Today Booboo is home sick, she threw up in the night.  Poppie has to go get some hay and I will be going to the Zoo with Mokie.  I am not sure if her kids are going with us, Bubbles is still sick and has lost some weight in her sickness.  Cubbie looked to be pretty sick yesterday.  So today will be a long busy day.  I hope your day is what you would want it to be, and I hope that the Lord calls you to your salvation today or some one asked you to show them where to seek their salvation...... tomorrow.

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