Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Zootown, CAKls, Church and a new divider all in one day.

Mokie and I got up bright and early, were on our way to the Zoo by 6:30.  Did all of our shopping, got Yogie's Kinect game resurfaced, ate a quick early lunch at Costco and back home before noon.  Poppie was ready to string Mokie up as she had chosen yesterday to change Bubbles to a full time cup, mostly because she could not find her bottle.  Poppie told me later he found the baby piglets bottle but could not find the nipple or he would have given it to her.  I said "you mean the nipple on the window seal",  he just rolled his eyes in disgust that he couldn't find something so obvious.  I thought he was funny, and that didn't help his mood.

 He finished making the shelves for my divider. We are putting a divider on the snack bar.  We don't actually use it as a snack bar and due to it being so big it quite often becomes a catch all.  We have decided to but a 12 inches by 7+ foot set of shelves on it.  One side, the side toward the computer desk will have four shelves 9x6 inches wide for books.  The other side will have three shelves one 17 inches and two 14 inches, again six inches wide.  One for my cookbooks and canister set, the other two for maybe two sets of plates and cups I don't usually use except of special events.  I can wait until he get is finished.  He has gotten the two shelf units made now he is going to put an oak panel between them and face them with oak and finish it up with oak molding so it will match my kitchen cupboards.  I want to stain the pine boards with oak stain to finish them up.  He had them done when we got home so that was cool, probably to keep his sanity from the crying Bubble, but I digress. 

I made the kids quesadillas  when I got home and then I was off to CAKLs  there was a large group of ladies there so that was extra nice.  One quilting, one making a monkey, one a rug, one darning socks with a light bulb and one making a baby Sacket set.  We talked, shared and cackled to be sure.  Lady and I got to run a few ideas about BBFC see past one and other.  It is getting so close to perfect that we may not have to tweak before long at all. 

I came home where Mokie,  Yogie, and Booboo were waiting for me to go on a ride to pick up a few items that were left by family member in sort of storage.  We got a table, some chairs, some family photos, some books, some cleaning supplies and a special sacrament set I had forgotten about, sort of like one I had been have really been wanting lately.  I had actually looked on line for one almost identical, how cool is that, and this one had family meaning.  Poppie is going to help me restore it and then has promised to study up on the scriptures to use it.  I am so looking forward to using it, it has been a big hole in my heart that we have not been doing this sacrament but soon and very soon we will have it again as a family. 

We came home unloaded the items from the car, Booboo went to Mokies to watch a movie with the kids, we had dinner and then Yogie and I went to Church services.  We had a very nice time, I like Tuesday nights as it is a little more laid back, less formal and more family like.  Booboo didn't go as she almost always falls asleep as she is not an evening person, Poppie was too tired from watching kids and rarely goes to Tuesday service because setting is so hard for him to manage with his back more than once a week. 

All and all a wonderful day, busy, busy, busy but rewarding on so many levels.  I hope the Lord gives you a rewarding day, I hope that today is the day of your regeneration and today the Lord opens your eyes to the secrets of his word.  All can be yours if only you have faith and believe...... tomorrow.

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