Monday, March 25, 2013

My Ladies are home all week, have grands too....

We are happily doing our Bible studies one hour late this morning, I was soft hearted and let them sleep in until 7.  We took off of our regular readings to read each of the gospels accounting from Palm Sunday to Resurrection/Easter Sunday.  This morning we started in Matthew.  They are now eating breakfast and studying their 4h books to see how much to feed their piglets they got this weekend.  Son had two left and sold them each one. 

We spent most of the afternoon outside yesterday.  Poppie scrapped up most of the goat manure in the pens, he has some pig manure to remove as well but he had taken a hiatus in the middle of the removing to dig a hole for Son and broke the pen in his bucket.  He is going to stop at Fosters to see if he has one to replace Poppies on the way home from the Professors.  We moved piglets around a little, tried to milk Lucy Lou for the first time.  I check out the old pig pen, did a little cleanup,  Poppie is going to put Charcoal in it today,  he is the boar and he is getting to old to be with the little sows and the barrow. 

I am having too much fun making up mixes.  Poppie loves the ranch dip/salad dressing mix so good I have had to make two batches of the mix, it only take 1 tablespoon of the mix for each batch, too cool. He also likes the mac and cheese mix I made better than homemade or bought so that is a plus for every once in awhile. I am going to make one of parmesan cheese to see which he like better.  I made creamer yesterday, who knew the coconut oil was the secret ingredients.  Today I am going to use my creamer to make a latte mix,..  okay, I am a geek.

I finished the little upluks,  I have to tweak it a little but they are cute.  Kids to watch so gotta go.  I hope the Lord blesses your day and you think of Jesus especially this week of Passover, and Easter.   He gave his life the we might live.... tomorrow.  

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