Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Poppie hurt himself, 4h and BBFC...

Okay, so Poppie was getting out of the car yesterday at the store and slipped on the gravel.  He caught himself with the steering wheel but it really wrenched his back.  He rarely lets me talk him into going to the Dr as the reality is that he can have no more surgeries on his back.  If he has to have one they would have to go in threw his stomach, his back has to much scarring on it to go in from the back.  Each surgery in and of itself causes more pressure on his back and makes more damage.  He has had more damage for some time but just learns to live with the pain.  Which he can do with his manage pain meds but the government has decided that people like him need to go off their meds and live with the pain.  They are supposed to wean him down and they told him to just become inactive, how sad that that can be something that the government can arbitrarily mandate, the older people/disabled people can just live with it.  Poppie can be and is a vibrant person but needs the meds to be able to do that.  I hope his visit to the Dr is constructive but not thinking it will be if they just decide it is more damage, a pulled muscle would be a blessing, how sad it that.

I took the girls to 4h last night, short sweet meeting.  They volunteered to do the relay for life so now they have to each make a hundred dollar in donation.  They are planning on doing some bake sales at Castles, the owner said they could sell luminarys too.  I have to find out what that actually means. Lots of work no doubt.  They are going to do a joint demonstration on the 6th of April for 4h, so they have to get that going as well.  This Saturday they are going to the nursing home to sing with the Church while I am at BBFC, busy little Ladies I hope they manage their schedules well. I do try to keep it with in reason with their chores and I like them to have simple play time something that so many do not give time enough for in this day and age, no electronics just play in the great outdoors.

We are going to be on 5th BBFC pickup this weekend.  We have continually tried to fix the flow of the distribution and hopefully this week we have got it worked out to our satisfaction.  Funny how we both tend to expect more from ourselves than others do.  We are are worst critiques.  We think we are close to getting it up to our satisfaction, wish us well.  We did put in for and receive permission to set our distribution time back a half hour so that should helpful.  The exciting part is that we are getting great produce and so many people get to participate.  I hope the Lord blesses your day in big, and little ways that maybe only you can see but blessing that are to be cherished all the same, all blessing tell us that the Lord loves us and cares about our lives.... tomorrow.

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