Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OCD, why do people more and more have it?

I was watching on the news that they are worried about a new occurrence of OCD.  They say that more and more new mothers have it.  It is when a mother with a new baby are obsessively worried about what might happen to their baby.  It can be a normal occurrence that occurs shortly after a new or usually first time mother has a baby, it usually goes away.  These moms are overly worried about germs that might over take her infant.  These mothers are obsessive about if there baby could stop breathing in the night, might fall etc.  I do know that for some reason I have notice in the last few years more of these kinds of mothers.  I know several right now, funny how our society seems to make up new "diseases" at it goes along.  I have always thought if you want a messed up kids pay attention to how the mothers reacts over it.  A laid back easy going mother makes for a well rounded easy going child, so what is to become of these children that are scared of a cough, fearful of sleeping at night because they may stop breathing or are afraid of being outside of the child proof gate?

I was taught years ago, when I went to a series of trainings on how to train employees or volunteers, that you never critique as the first option or give criticism to as your first step.  I was trained you always find something good about what they are doing, follow with a criticism, then follow up with another good about their works.  I think that lately I have seen a lot of well meaning people, who know very little about the endeavor they are hoping to help with, that could use a bit of the compliment, criticism, compliment approach in their "helping".  I find it ironic that you could go somewhere see an operation, that you have only just seen for the first time, and you have the "enlightened" answer to the whole problem, why didn't God send you to be the super hero sooner?  Why is it that you have magically grasp and discerned the answer, that the idiots doing the works of the operation, couldn't see? Really your genius is miraculous needed, you must get the answers to those fools who can't see them the way you see them?  Could it be that a group that has never seen the working of a machine knows the problem when they have never even seen it run? Isn't that how the platypus was designed, by committee? I digress.  How could the people running the machine not know why it isn't working properly and that you the genius, who never did it before, could fathom the answer the first time you saw it run?  I am wondering if these well meaning people or groups have babies?  Do those babes hide when they hear a lone cough echoing down a hall? or do they have an alarm that awakens them to make sure they don't stop breathing? or is it that maybe these geniuses and groups all have a stack of baby gates in their trunks.  Maybe OCD is not new? 

I love when people are well meaning but find it a necessity to pray for patience when they are well meaning in the extreme.  I know that God is patient and he wants me to be so as well so maybe he is just sending me a test to see what I am capable of and how long my patience is good for? ... tomorrow.

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