Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The end finally comes, plans, and granola......

This morning the end came to the last of the piglets.  It was really heart breaking to wacht the last of the piglets slowly die.  They had been doing so well and then they took a turn for the worst and there was not saving them.  I had read it was very hard to succeed at raising piglets from newborn.  I know that the goats milk gave us the best shot we had.  There are so many variable that can cause them not to thrive.  The list of causes has so many possible diseases from ecoli to piglet wasting disease, lack of iron or almost anything.  We gave it a good try and if time spent caring for them would have saved them they would be fat and sassy now.  It was much like years ago when I bred Pekingese puppies, I would spend days and weeks saving a runt only to have it die at a month old.  I learned the hard way to let them die at birth.  We will have to learn the hard way that when a catastrophic pig event happens to just know that it is God's will and not try to fight it.  I know not why but this litter of pigs was not meant to survive.  We have made arrangements to have Miss Chops butchered next month.  The little piglet I was to get for a second sow was born dead on Sunday so we must not have been meant to have her.  We bought one of Son's from his October batch so she will be the same age as Chocolate, our little Berkshire sow.  It will be good that they are similar age, They will each have there own stall next to each other and we will breed them to Charcoal in October.  Not sure what we will call her but she has a lot of spots that that might be in the running, if Poppie has a say it will be Momma and he will just be cutting to the chase.  He calls them all momma.  Adventures in pig husbandry is a evolving process.

I have been making plans to change around my kitchen and living rooms.  Poppie is making plans to turn my end tables and coffee table into a cool desk, I have worn off on him it seems imagine him upcycling in such an advanced manner.  I can't wait to see it completed we have to measure the slot under our snack bar to see how long he will make it but it will be like a built in but not actually built in.  We are going to use four poster giant bench that has been stored in the goat pen to make me a kitchen isle, some old boards and a table from Belle to finish the design.  I am going to be giving the hutch out of the kitchen to Mokie and adding the second stove, Poppie is going to buy replacement burns to fix the one I have messed up like new.  I am going to put in the one from Drama so I can split the wear and tear of canning and I will have two ovens, a true blessing.  He is putting in a second frig I got from Bug that has been in the driveway for months. It had gotten really smelling when his electric was out and he was not living in his house, so it has been airing out, so I am going to use my trusty Lysol and make it clean enough to use.  We are going to move the upright freezer for easier access for veggies and my mixes, so lots of moving and shaking come soon.  The girls will be off of school next week so we may do some of it then.  Poppie has decide to paint their rooms and make one wall, or a big part of one wall each, a chalk board so they can draw, doodle or do home work on the walls.  I thought that was a cool idea he came up with, I am so proud my art student is blossoming.  

I am going to be making granola again today,  it was such a success that the whole gallon is all gone.  I am going to make the basic granola and add different fruits and nuts to them and make it up in 1/2 gallon jars.  Booboo wants the coconut, craisin, almond,  Yogie wants raisin, regular coconut, almond (with her braces she can't eat the bigger coconut chunks).  I am just glad they are eating it with such glee.  I watch a piece on the news this morning about the scientists for the food companies making a salt, sugar and fats formula in their foods that purposely addict you to their products.  I am so glad we have made such deliberate steps to break away from so many processed products.  No pops, and less and less prepackaged foods.  Poppie who once lived on salt eats less and less, I was never big on it so never missed it.  He even had me make the cream soups last week with no salt, he said I could add it to the finished dish when I cooked it if needed. 

I still have to go get my vanilla beans and vodka today, didn't get away yesterday, totally forgot that Pre-school was coming was just coming out of my bedroom, in my jamies, when she knocked on the door.  She was very kind at my faux pa.  Lots to do, and since I only answer to God, Poppie and myself I suppose no real time limit.  Still lots to do.   I hope that God smiles on you today and that the holy spirit moves you in your life, he is always there and will listen if you but ask.  Today is the day of asking.... tomorrow.

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