Friday, March 8, 2013

New baby piglets.....

This morning when Poppie let the dogs out he heard funny noises coming from the barn.  He suspected we had been blessed with little ones.  He got his flash light and went out to the barn.  There Momma, as Poppie calls her, we know her as Miss Chops, lay giving birth to her 9th piglet.  The others all fat and sassy were suckling as Momma did her work.  She had them all in a hollow she had rooted out in her pen.  She is a really good mom and they were all in the soft nest she had made for them.  Poppie is dropping the kids off at school picking up his heat lamp and returning to see how many we end up with.  Momma is a great pig mom, she will whittle out any runts, if you don't retrieve them, she likes all of her piglets equal ready to go.  She begins feeding them grain almost from day one,  I have been told that a piglet never actually needs to be bottle feed, they can be feed from day one on grain and milk in a pan.  She does feed them right off. Poppie says they are all black and white, but usually their are some pinks and reds so we will have to see.

The grands will be so excited to see them when we take them out.  I do so love the baby piglets, it always amazes me how they are so ready to go when they are born, they are perfect little beings and complete.  They almost don't need their momma, but she does like to have them to care for.  I do love the spring when all is new and life is so fresh.... tomorrow.

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