Friday, March 22, 2013

Cook book trolling on the web, sunshine, and plans to fulfill

I spent most of the day yesterday making stuff or surfing for more stuff to make on the net, okay I am a self admitted A personality when I get my mind on something, most of my close friend know it and over looked it, thank goodness.  I found recipes for pudding mixes, dressing mixes, bran flakes and corn flakes, and all sorts of things none of you really want to hear about.  I have to go to Flower Childs place to get spices, and she has some jars she offered to sell me, half gallons that will be so cool for my mixes and concoctions.  I manage to remember Little Sisters advise when I cook, it sort of gave me permission to be me.  Read or make a recipe once and then the skies the limit for your imagination, I like that she included just reading rather the obligatorily need to actually have to make it even once.   I always adapt so have gone to actually writing it down because some one always asked me how to make it and they roll their eyes when I say you just do this.  They actually like written down recipes, go figure.  I literally can't wait to try the end results of some of the recipes.  My ladies actually eat them and I don't have to worry about the hidden formula's in the simplest things.  I have recipes for hot chocolate, creamers and latte's, shelf stable dry versions with nothing in them I can't actually even pronounce. I digress and you don't want me to go on.

It is sun shining out what a wonderfully beautiful day.  The kids and the kids are all leaping about and having such fun.  We may even let the indoors kids play outside with the outdoor kids later.  They will be ecstatic.  Poppie is going to put my stove in and work on my new isle, I gave him my drawing of what I wanted and he didn't give me a stink eye so I think I may be golden.  I am going to take the improvised table out of the studio for more open room, win win, I am going to use the board for the table top I am wanting to make for the library.  I have an order for a pair of upluks for a little 7 month old, spent hours messaging back and forth with her lovely mother yesterday. 

I am reading the Sign of the Times, by M R De Haan, it is amazingly enlightening.  I do so love his work, and would gladly share my copies of his work with anyone interested in reading them.  I love that he uses so many texts from the Word and explains them with so many scriptures.  I am also glad that I am saved and don't have to worry about the coming Tribulations and Biblical wars.  I do so wish that society and politicians, in general, would take heed and believe on the Lords word, they could so change the coming times but alas God knew before time they would not, so the future is inevitable. The Lord has never lied to us and has no idea of it in his being.  Today is the day to read the Bible, take in the scriptures and believe before it is too late and the Lords has come, oh to be one of the lost with out being in Jesus..... tomorrow.

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