Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New baby, the last runt goes, Poppie mending.... Broken things

We were surprised by a slightly preemie baby yesterday, he had a twin but it was small and didn't make it.  He is a lovely red guy and feisty. his momma has taken it all in stride she is 8 1/2 so his arrival is not all that new or exciting to her.  He surprised Mokie as she heard crying in the barn that seemed odd.  We weren't expecting him for close to a week.  His momma had left him to his own devices as she merrily chomped on hay, he was unable to walk yet and making it known he didn't like that she had left him.  I went out when Mokie called and put momma and baby in a separate stall so they could bond.  He is bright and sassy this morning at his momma's side.  Her name is Daniell so his name is Danny. 

The last little runt, that we had been bottle feeding, lost his battle last night, he had just sort of been in limbo all along, only ate enough to get by and had slowly gotten smaller.  The girls tried to give him a chance but in the end he passed away,  a lesson learned for them.  You can't save the ones that aren't meant to survive.  The other four are doing well, the one with a cut is a good eater and still on the bottle because we can't put him with the other three until the cut mends better.  The other three eat our of a pie pan and they are pigs to their core.  Give them a pan of food and they have to see who can pig more before someone else gets any.  Pigs by any other name.

Poppie has pulled a muscle per the Dr, as expected.  He didn't have any major new damage.  He does have some damage above but he told the Dr. that that was something he didn't intend to have fixed, because it would just lead to more surgery, the Dr honored his wishes and didn't order ex rays.  He did have to have new high blood pressure meds.  The one he was one at first wasn't what he needed and the Dr had no problem with us having managed with natural methods but he said natural methods only work for a short time and then your body goes around them.  He is now on a med that should get him on track.  The Dr said Poppie was the kind that if he ever has a heart attack he will be dead before he hits the floor, unlike my family that have warning heart attack.  Poppie and I got to thinking and his uncle who died of a heart attack was only 48 when he died, he had been a hard working logger his whole life, seemingly a thin health man.  Dead before he hit the ground.  Poppie is glad to be on the right track with the right meds.  His uncles passing had been very hard on his family at such a young age.

I just got my book, Broken things, by M. R. De Haan, it is supposed to be one of his best.  I am so excited, just the one chapter I have read has been wonderful.  I seemly is a book that explains, those horrible things "that God allows" to happen to us in this life.  God's grace can only use you if you are broken, can't wait to get into my book more.  Have a great day, the Lord love and keep you.... tomorrow.

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