Sunday, March 31, 2013

He is risen, Happy Resurrection Day, and Happy Easter.

Today is the day of our Lord's Resurrection, glory to God his son is risen.  Praised to a God so loving that he would give his only begotten son to die for such an unworthy creature as human kinds. I know that I am not capable of giving my child to die for anyone.  I know that I am not capable of dying for some one I know not, though God knows each of us from the foundation of time.  He knew us all but so many indicate the he died for people he did not know, he knew, and that is why he loved us so much. No love could be more precious, God's love for us is boundless, to give his beloved son so that we might live life eternal.  Oh, how glorious that we such a wretched creature could be loved so much.  Jesus lives, he is risen and he loves us enough to willingly die for our sins.  He spent three days in a devils hell in the clutches of death and rose from the grave for such a one as I.  I know of no love more precious and pure gift, so is God's grace.  Our God he is alive and in him we live.  Today is the day of resurrection and today you too could be alive for eternity in him.  Heaven awaits, the free gift of life in yours for the asking.  Today of all days is the day to accept your salvation and God's love.  Amen..... tomorrow. 

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