Friday, March 15, 2013

Zootown, Sunshine, and Spring.....

Poppie and I had eye appointments first off in Zootown yesterday.  I got a new pair, my prescription was close to the same.  I got my old glasses all tightened up and they feel like a new pair.  I wonder why when we tighten them it isn't as good.  They must have magic tighteners.  Poppies old glass, that were supposed to be worth 4x what I paid for mine good are so bad he can't see out of them.  He got two new pairs same quality as mine, they well probably last longer than the fancy ones he got last time.  He got his second pair for 20 percent off, one for daily work with the instruction to actually use goggles to do wood work or metal work, hope he remembers, and a pair of good, like Church or reading.  Had time to kill between our appointments and Yogies ortho.  We went to Perkins for breakfast and much needed coffee.  We did a little shopping and off to the ortho.  Yogie's teeth are almost in after a year of waiting.  She may be able to have her braces off by Christmas if they come in soon.  Imagine having all her brace work done before most kids get there braces.  All done by the fifth grade, a blessing to be sure she will not lose a single adult tooth and the alternative was that she would lose multiple adult teeth had we waited. 

We stopped and did chores for our friends at Lozeau on the way home.  We got home to a yard full of kids playing in the wondrous spring sunshine.  It was right at 70 here the Lords blessing shinning down on our lives.  We milked the goats, feed them, gave them mineral blocks and a new worming block, we will have to see how that goes.  We came in to feed the 'starving' little piglets.  This morning we started them on pig starter and they are all happily up to their little knees in the bowl eating like little pigs, well they are you know.  The little one with the cut has been assimilated in with the other three and all are getting along just fine.  I have a little doe that will probably have babies today,  this will be her first time so we hope all will go well.  The baby, or babies, should be white and red and she is all black with a little white so it will be funny to see them together. 

We are supposed to get rain later but are going to enjoy the sunshine while we have it, Sunday is to bring nasty snow again.  I hope to enjoy the spring day today, and do some raking and burning.  It is just to tempting to be out of the house when the lure of spring is just right out the door.  I do so hope this early spring weather with fulfill it's teasing and bring us a nice long real spring, we haven't had one in several year.  I just don't like when all it does is rain, not nice spring rain but the terenchal downpour stuff we have had for these last year.  I can't wait to move rocks, rake, burn, build and just enjoy.  I hope you enjoy your day, I hope the Lord brings sunshine into your life, spiritually or physically.  The Lord gives us all possibilities with nothing out of his ability...... tomorrow.

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