Saturday, March 16, 2013

Do your old man and your new man battle?

I sometimes sorrow for people that have it all and nothing bad ever happens to the them.  Do they not see that God has completely left them alone in this life?  I know that God knows, and has known, from the beginning of time which people will seek his grace and which will not.  I don't agree with people when they say that God does not work in a life until you are saved.  I know that they say that God only does things with you once you have been saved and I do believe that but doing thinks and working are not necessarily the same thing.  Most children, the ones that are not of accountability, have the Lord in them, so isn't that a contradiction? If God in his all knowing knows which of those children will become his why wouldn't he speak to their hearts, or for that matter the hearts of the ones that will be his at any age.  I do know that I don't know what God thinks at any given time and would not presume to try to tell anyone what God is ever thinking.  I know only what God tells me in the Bible and that he has said that some will never understand his word, I am thinking those would be the ones that never become saved but who am I that I would know? 

I think that this life is hard and you can see the saved by the trials and tribulations that God gifts them with in their lives  Yes gifts.  Iron is a wondrous mineral but unto itself it is just a mineral.  You have to put it to the fire, pound it, quench it, fire it and more to make it into some thing,  you can make it into a simple thing if it is broken and pounded a little.  If you break it and fire it and test it more and more it can becomes so much more the something that you want it to become. God uses us like iron, he tests us, put us to the fire, quenches us breaks us down and reshapes us, to his will.  We are just a born man with out him. Some never have hardships and seem to live a carefree life of easy, they may seem to have a silver spoon and life of privilege, they do anything they want and never answer for anything to anyone.  God never seems to allow them any hardships, that's because he  isn't tinseling them, they are not his, he has no interest in them  They will live their whole lives as the person they were born as.  They will only have an old man that will die, they will never have a new man that will never die.

God gives us that new man when we by grace are gifted with salvation  Our bodies is still the same but we get the new man of spirit, and the holy spirit comes to live in our lives and guides our new man.  We are still living in the old mans body we were born with.  The flesh, the body we were given at birth.  The old man, our flesh is weak and wants to do so many things of this world.  The old man is a sinful creature and is not interested in our eternal life.  The old man gets us into so many trials and tribulations, that its will wants us to do.  God allows our old man and our new man to battle, so that our spirit is tinseled.  We need to learn that it is not our will as a saved person but the will of God we need to follow.  We have to over come the pride of the old man, the lusts, the carnality, the what evers, and there are so many,  we have to become humbled, prayerful and obedient to God, we have to learn to love and know that God is our all.  We have to come to the fact that with out him we are nothing, have nothing and will be nothing, he is our all and the only answer that does not lead to eternal nothingness and eternal damnation. 

My dad always taught me that God would provide and take care of all we ever really needed, he never  taught me to save and plan really, he taught me to give to others and be of service.  I am a person with a lot of the old man, and I don't mean my dad, in me.  I try to figure and plan, I try to worry the results to a new conclusion and I try to control the outcome so much of the time.  I never seem to accomplish any thing I set my mind to if I don't remember to let the Lords will be done,  he will provide for me.  I have to remember to do it his way, do his will and in his time.  I have to learn patience, that my time is not and has never been God's time. 

I remember when Mokie was about a year old I wanted another baby so bad but had made a deal with Poppie to have my tubes tied if she had been a girl.  He had wanted two children and I had wanted 4.  I remember praying and praying for a child.  I even got Poppie to agree to adopt a few years later but I never got another child.  I finally gave up and lived my life as God wanted me to, then when Mokie was 19 God blessed me with two beautiful girls to raise.  My time was not God's time.  I have learned so much more in this life from waiting on God's time and trying to understand that my time is for naught.  I have survived, hunger, abuse, loses that I thought I could not endure, I have questioned my Lord in anguish.  I have been in a hurry, and in despair, but I have learned how to have patience, I have learned to do with out and take joy in the simple.  I have learned to serve others and to understand how a person who looses a loved one feels, I have also.  I have learned to know what the sexually abused feels and how to have compassion in their loss.  I have learned how to have empathy for so many things, as I have been there.  God has truly blessed me, I know how to hold the hand of some one who has lost, I can talk or more times I can just be of use listening.  I thank God ever day for all the things that he has given me that make me of more support and use to others in need, because with God there go I.  Without God to have helped me through I don't even want to think how I could have gone through the trials he has blessed me with.  I know that with God my new man wins more and more of the time.  I pray for patience, I pray to be humble, I pray to service and I pray that God can mold me, like iron, in to something he can use.  I know that I could never be anywhere near to Jesus, my old man fails daily,  but even to be only fashioned to a shadow of Jesus makes me so much the more for God having worked and broken me to it .... tomorrow.

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