Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Four ton of grain hauled, stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's, nice day away.

We got up bright and early yesterday, we had ordered two ton of grain and Son and Mokie two as well. Poppie borrowed Thor's truck, we sure can't wait for ours to be fixed and back on the road.  Maybe we were to learn patience and be humbled by not having Poppie's truck to drive, God works in mysterious ways sometimes. I made arrangements to meet Twin there she had saved me up a couple garbage bags of woven wool, as it is a wool no one is using to upcycle yet it is pretty easy and inexpensive to get.  She has a great resource for wools so had collect a bunch for me to figure out how to use in my upcycling.  She is an upcycler as well, we make very similar but totally different styled items, sort of like being a twin from a difference mother but as different as night and day, our life story.  We got to the feed store no problems, Twin gifted me with the wool. The girls got to see cows and bulls.  Four ton was a heavy load but the grain store man and Poppie got it balanced on the trailer so it wasn't to heavy on the truck,  it rode well but we had to go slow.  We stopped at Mom and Dad's on the way back,  the trailer tire was low so couldn't stay long but we did have a nice visit.  The girls and I had taken soap to Grandma.  The girls and the triplets had a great time.  Dad showed me all the driftwood he had collected from a massive drift wood build up near there house. My mom asked me to come and teach her friend, who is in her 80's, to make soap. I told her I would be glad to but would like to ask one of her old friends from when I was a little girl that is from near where she lives and a friend of hers that she had introduced me to on facebook but I have not yet meant.  It would be a nice time to share and visit with one another. Mom would also get to meet a new friend and reconnect with an old one.

Poppie is very sore from the trip yesterday, he can't go help his friend this morning.  Traveling in a vehicle is one of the most painful things that Poppie does. He will need a day or two to heal up from the travel, that is pretty typical and always the way of any traveling we do.  It will be nice to have the day with Poppie, but I think Mokie is going to get him to go rescue her car, she doesn't know he is in pain.  She had a flat tire on the road last night, Poppie had told her that if she didn't stopped driving her car on that low tire it would happen but some kids have to learn the hard way.  I will let her know how much pain he is in so hopefully she will help him more and it will go smoothly. We also have grain to unload from the trailer, thank goodness Brother does it with is son's bobcat.

 I have several upcycled orders to make up.  I am glad my upcycled items are starting to sell more, I know with my sensitive lungs, that carving is going to be something I can do less and less as I get older, it will be sad to lose my carving, I do love it so. I can wear a hepa filter, and have one but it drives me crazy so I am not good at remembering to do it. I do love the upcycling and my mind keeps creating new ideas for me to explore, which is half the fun.  Just finished crotcheting a couple of covers and got an order for more, and maybe a pair of upluks..... tomorrow.

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