Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Fling was nice event. Church this morning, a glorious day with the Lord.

The venue for the Spring Fling was at the Elementary School Gym.  It was a bigger space much brighter and open.  The traffic was study but slow. There were several other local events taking place, wresting, basketball and a funeral for a beloved member of the community who was laid to rest. It was a great time to visit with friends, acquaintances and make new ones.  The Ladies bought a heap of books at great prices, they made  friends with the wood artist that was next to our table.  He later brought me a couple of his small pieces as gifts to them.  It was such a nice thing for him to have done.  He said they had been a help to him and made his day go by faster.  They had also been running with their friends a little and lost their markers in a giant wresting mat.  They will have to ask the secretary on Monday to help them get them back when the mat is opened up.  I spent time teaching Knitter how to longtail so that was fun. I also told her how it was legal to list her puppies on Craigstlist.  We had a nice visit.  Offered an acquaintance part of our space at the Flea market for her Relay for life sales.  I told her it would be my donation to the cause. Mokie won one of the raffle baskets.  Bubbie didn't like the whole thing all that much, she let us know that she would have preferred to be at home enjoying her day.  I was summoned by name across the room near the end.  I got over there to see what they needed me for and the lovely ladies from the Friend of the Library wanted me to be included into their group photos for the newspaper.  They gave me a shirt, and Booboo too, as she got to hold one in front of the group sign in the photo.  I was very honored to be included as one of them.  I told  TinyBell that I could use my new shirt as a pass for having no grandkids on Friends of the Library day,  she thought that was a nice idea in deed. Mokie talked Booboo out of her shirt, but paid for each of the girls to have a Library shirt that they are using as nighties,  It was all in a all a wonderful family friendly event.  People ate spaghetti, bought books, bid on the silent auctions, joined in the raffles, bought non-profit baked goods, crafts and all had a great time, such a wonderful growing event for out little town. I hope the Friends of the Library made enough to fill their coffers for all the events they give us throughout the year.  They are truly a blessing for our children's library experiences.

Off to Church this morning,  Sister may be going as well to check it out,  I do hope so I think she would enjoy going.  The girls can't wait to go back this morning.  Poppie is excited to go and that is such a blessing in my life, and his.  I know that I am prepared to have a joyous time, sharing and communing with the Lord.  I think that God intended that going to Church be an uplifting, soul cleansing, and God praising time.  I can't think of the words to describe what you should get out of going to Church when God is calling you to go, maybe there aren't words that can.  I also think that if you aren't getting that from your Church you could be at the wrong Church.  Church should not be a sad hollow happening.  If it is you are in the wrong place, either physically or spiritually.  Prayer can help you make it right and be in the right place with God.  God likes when we talk to him and how else is there but prayer?  Sing hosanna, sing hosanna, sing hosanna to the king of kings, everybody sing hosanna, sing hosanna, sing hosanna to the King.  Enjoy your day with the Lord, whether it be in your home, your church, the woods or your special place with God, I know I am going to.  Just think of the possibilities..... tomorrow.

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