Thursday, February 9, 2012

Off to the Zoo, Poppie to babysit. Long day of doing lots of nothing. Goodbye old friend.

We ladies are off for a Ladies day. Mokie, Cubbie, Bubbie, Yogie, Booboo and me.  It sounds like a bears picnic of some kind.  Funny how they have mostly bear names and all cartoonish.  I guess maybe my mind is big on little kids thoughts.  Maybe the kid in me will never grow up, I think sort of a good thing.  Yogie and Cubbie have dentist appointments, 4 hours apart so time to do shopping in between.  We hope to make the cereal sale, stock, up can't afford it if I don't, and I get to get the organic stuff too. yay.  We might be able to make the local meat sale if we plan it right as well, double yay. Mokie wants to stop and get a Costco card as well.  I hope to get a little shopping for the girls in and they all want to eat Chinese, which is a good girlie thing, as we all like it Poppie not so much. 

Poppie is going to be taking care of Curious, Cartoons and Boy.  I hope it is an uneventful day for him.  He fell on the ice on Tuesday and really hurt his bum.  Even Lady Jay felt sorry for him.  It will be good for him to have a slower paced day, he has been pushing himself pretty hard of late.  He has gotten spring fever and wants to do so many things, he has a plan a mile deep to get done this spring.  I am excited about the ideas he has put forth but know that he will be exhausted if he reaches his goals.  He can be so driven and it is my job to makes sure he doesn't over do it and hurt himself.  I can pick up some of the slack if I try.  I think that I am going to focus more on that this year and not as much on my crafts, art and other projects. 

Unfortunately Pansy did not make it, Mokie was devastated yesterday to say goodbye to her old friend. Son has put a new rule that if we can't prove it by teeth we are not taking any ones opinion on the age of a goat, they didn't have from birth.  Pansy was mistreated due to ignorance, Mokie was told she was 3 when she got her, and it turns out that that was not the case,  we are estimating she was 10 to 12 and to old to be bred.  Mokie was heartbroken, to loose her friend and that she unknowingly caused her death.  She should never have been bred and she died of being bred to death.  We had only started to suspect that she was older after she was bred,  and it had become apparent she was much older than we had been told.  We are sorry for her pain and the hardness she endured.  We have learned alot about goats along the way and sadly some of our goats have paid the price but it was from ignorance and bad information.  We are dedicated to do the right things by our goats and have studied as much as we can, but misinformation can't be helped and we know alot more than we did when we began and were stupid to it all... Godspeed old friend... tomorrow.

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