Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trust, it there a more important aspect of life? Who and why do we trust?

I caught the tail end of Dr Stanley's sermon this morning. I like what I heard and am recording a rerun of the program later this morning to share with Poppie we both enjoy his sermons a great deal.  His point was about trust. God asks us to trust him.  We and many of the Prophets of the Bible get impatient and try to read ahead or do what we want and forget to trust God in his time not ours. Jesus never ask the disciples to obey him, they were asked to trust him.  If you trust in Jesus, the obey is the result.  I try every day to trust the Lord, I fall short but I awake and try again.  Jesus knows that we are human, and fall short of his glory and sin everyday, the important part is to get back up and try anew.  When we trust the Lord he blesses our lives, Dr Stanley stated that alot of people when they are blessed with more and more they lose sight of the Lord and wander away from him. They loose their trust in him.  Life on this earth is hard and trusting and needing the Lord is an important part of faith.  The more we trust in the Lord and let him lead us in our lives the more our lives our enriched, enrichment has nothing to do with money, for some it does I suppose, but true richness is never about what we have but our relationship with God, our families and people in general.

Do you trust your mate?  I can say that almost always I have trusted mine, I was going to say I had always trusted mine but I think that that would be a lie, I think that that would be a lie for anyone. We fall short of trusting God on a daily basis so how could we trust our mate more than God.  I am to love God more than my mate so it would only make sense that trust would be the same.  I can say that I trust Poppie next to God.  Do I trust my kids, well probably not always, not every time and in the end it would be most or some of the time.  Two are children and I know, "little kids don't lie"  "they have to be taught to lie".  Really do the great they that say things like this ever spend time with little kids.  They lie and they do sneaky things of their own accord, no one had to teach them it is human behavior. The Bible tells us we are born into sin.  We don't wake up one morning somewhere in our childhood and it is set upon us, we are born that way.  So, no I don't always trust me two little girls, I am supposed to teach them to be better than their human nature, that is my job I am their mom, and as their mom I am to guide them to the Lord so they can trust him.  Do I trust my older kids, sometime always and sometime never.  They are adults with their own lives, they give me what they are comfortable giving me of their lives, but they have the right to their privacy and their own lives.  Trust is a part of that but I am not and should not expect to be more important to them than God or their spouses.  Trust has nuances that can't step over their personal lives. I know I am making trust sound like something that changes depending upon who you are with, well  isn't it.  Trust means that you put your life into someone hands without question.  I can do that with God, with Poppie, but from there each of us have needs that may in a moment out weigh our love or need to help someone or their needs.  Can you trust without hesitation someone else, even your child?  I am not saying that they would do me any intentional harm but as humans they have an innate need to protect themselves, and theirs, above me, so if it wasn't something that would harm me can't I always say that they would pick my needs over theirs or their child's?  NO, I can't say I trust my adult kids without pause. I can trust them to love me, care about me and try to do the best for me, but they are not God and I don't expect them to  be. I trust people in general less than my kids, though I do know where to not trust my kids, but do I know less about people, yes.  We trust people in general at face value. We trust what we see in them,  We don't know how they live their lives, if you think you know anything about someone Else's private personal life you are kidding yourself, or are delusional.  I don't think God intended or wanted us to know that much about the private lives of anyone but ourselves.  We are given what people allow us to share of their lives and nothing more. We have enough to handle just trying to figure out ourselves, who would want the stress of someone Else's problems.  We are only asked to share problems of our friends when they trust us with a little piece of their problems, we can never know the whole scope of their problems or for that matter their joys and happiness.  Life is a very personal thing, Trust in the end is the most import aspect of our relationships, friends, family, spouse and God..... tomorrow.

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