Sunday, May 8, 2011

The 5 woman in Jesus geneology and Mothers day when my little ones cook me breakfast in bed.

I watched a preacher this morning that spoke of the only 5 woman included in the genealogy of Jesus, his mothers I would say. I found it very interesting that they were all such human woman, they were none of them perfect and all had sinned. The list is Tamar, Rehab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary. They weren't all of Jewish decent, some whores or pretended to be, their transgression varied but in the end they all contributed to their decedents being here on earth. I think that on Mothers Day it was nice to listen to the plights or victories of these special biblical women. I know that they uplifted me and gave me pause to see in others, of all grades of sin, that there is always victory in the Lord Jesus and that eternal life it free to all for the asking. I often question the sincerity in Christians that separate themselves from sinners and only associate with Christian friends. The Lord Jesus associated with sinners, as they are the most in need, the Christians already love and understand God's message, it is the sinners who truly need our associations and our sharing of the Lords word. I think that Mothers teach us our first thoughts of the Lord, our first bible versus  that we learn, our first songs and our first prayers. I thank my parents for my firm belief in the Lord Jesus and my compassion for all the sinners on this earth, which includes me, for all have sinned and need the Lord's forgiveness.

My Mother's day always begins with Poppie helping the girls make me breakfast in bed, as Poppie is not always big on breakfast and is not a multi-tasker sometimes I have to patiently weight for him to get it organized, but always worth the weight. Sometime the eggs have shells in them, little hands after all are just leaning how to perfect their egg cracking skills. The pride in their little faces at their accomplishments are priceless and make the meal the best ever. It is amazing how each year it just gets better. Their litany of Happy Mothers day makes my heart swell with pride that I am their mother, I couldn't be more proud of them. I have pride in all of my children, I know they are not perfect and good honest people in the making, doesn't it take us all a life time to get there, and some of us never do. So I am going to tuck in listen to the Gospel singers praise the Lord, wait for my breakfast and listen to my heart sing at the wonderful thing that being a mother is..... tomorrow.

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