Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pink Posey is now Pokaspot, green house coming along nicely, Bugs fatherhood.

Well Mokie bugged Yogie, again, because the baby has spots on her side, Mokie convinced her to change the name to Pokaspot, so Pokaspot it is. We are Beekman 1802 fan's can't you tell. So on with life, the little one is getting on well with her other goatie siblings, she is so much littler so I hope she finds her way. I took orders for two little doelings next spring, that is cool. My neighbor DC wants them but they have decided to take the plunge into farm life in stride and will be ready of goats next spring. They bought chickens but are still trying to teach their dog that chickens are not lunch. I am not sure how many they are down to but am glad that he is not eating the other neighbors chicken. DC has gotten a electric control system to keep her dog at home she just has to get it installed I hope that helps.

We worked on the greenhouse yesterday it is coming along well. We have two windows in and only 30ish left to go. I will be glad that it is upcycled as much as we can. We are going to put the footing of a second green house in as well but this year it will only be a raised garden next year we will put the second green house on the footing. We have all the walls and rafters but the roofing will cost about 300 dollars so may have to use rolled plastic at first if we can't scrap together the cost of the roofing. We will see and pray about the roof and see what happens.

Bug and Daughter will be getting to adopt Buga on the 9th, Bug will also get to adopt Eldest and M as well. It is funny M thinks that it is Daughter that will be adopting her because her daddy is her daddy and it must be mom who is adopting her. Bug has been her dad since she was 6 months. Eldest was 2 when Bug became his dad. Buga has always been Bug and Daughters so it will be nice to get the legal aspect of the adoption done, as the feelings and knowing of who they are and who they love has always been there. Bug will be legally a daddy for the first time. He is so proud. I am so proud of him, he is a unique man in this world of so many young men that run away from their responsibilities he stepped up to be a dad because he loved his kids and knew they were the kids of his heart if not his body. He is his fathers son, once that would have been an insult to him but now he knows what a special man his father is and became that kind of special man himself. He makes both Poppie and I so proud.

He fixed the van that Lady gave us this last week, he brought it up yesterday for his dad to finish the body stuff and the work that wouldn't hurt Poppie to do. Poppie said after he had gone home, "he is much better at distributors than I am" Poppie is a very good mechanic so very high praise. I told him. "you need to tell your son, not me, he needs to hear it" I think he will tell him. I told him it is important to tell your children when you are proud of them. He has no example of the telling so he is having to learn it but it is important so he is doing the best he can..... tomorrow.

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