Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby goats many tales, cheeses made, Tuesday I prayer for calm.

I checked on my blue cheese in my little "cave", actually in my wood stove oven in the studio, it is close to the humidity and temp I need until we get a real one made. I had not gotten enough whey out of it so softer than I would like, good blue growing so I quartered it, left two quarter to continue to blue and made blue feta out of the other two quarters. I hope they come out well. I made the mozzarella in to curd but had to put in the frig to finish today as Mokie brought our new baby buckling.

She picked up the buckling on her return from Zootown. She said when she got there he was caught in the fence between two pens. Herbalist hadn't seen him prior to Mokie getting there. They putting him in the car and Mokie brought him home. She took him out of the car and he was acting oddly he couldn't stand right and had his little head down. I tried walking him around, and he could walk but was weak on his left front leg. I worked with him for about three hours, I got him to drink and gave him some drench, per the directions.  He seemed to get a little strength but kept walking into the wall. I got down with him and noticed I could stick my finger up and touch his lashes before he blinked his eyes. (When we had gotten out of the car I had noticed his eyes were rolled back in his head). I became aware that he could not see. I called Herbalist and Belle, who works for her answered. I advised both of them of the situation. Herbalist was shocked at what I was telling her, she was going to come over to see him. I stayed outside until it was to cold to stay out anymore, I put the little guy in a kennel so he couldn't hurt himself. He didn't seem to get any better last night. Poppie checked on him this morning but he seems the same. I hope Herbalist comes by early this morning. I don't think the little guy is going to make it. I think he may have had the circulation cut off to part of his body while he was caught in the fence. I don't think, and hope he hasn't got anything wrong with him, he came from a closed herd and they don't have any other problems. I am so disappointed he is a cutie, but the reality is baby animals die on farms. We moved one of my doelings into Mokie's pen with the other little doeling that Mokie picked up at Herbalists, I also weaned two of my twin bucklings to a new pen, they have Dessert and Lamb Chops for company. The new weanling cried all night for their momma's.

I have mozzarella to stretch this morning and the four kids will be here today. I will get ahead of Miss Gracie's antics today and nip the naughtiness in bud. No frustrations today, I am the adult and she is going to mind and be appropriate to the other children. I am hoping to go to CAKLS, deliver eggs, a pattern and laundry soap. I will see how long I will get to stay depending upon how the day develops. The sun is starting to clear off the fog, and the left over rain a wonderful day to come....... tomorrow.

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