Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Booboo went to clinic, Poppie does love the scrubber, Turkeys in the house.

My sister advised me that the walk in clinic was open from 7:30 to 9:00, I did not know that. I took Booboo into the clinic, the Doctor said she has a funny virus that is going around. It is not the flu, no snotty nose, no sore throat, to coughing, and seems to be hitting the kids that don't usually get sick the hardest. Booboo is to do what we had been doing, drink lots, eat when she can and if she can. Her tummy is very sore, her spirits seem to be waining, Booboo told the doctor she knew why she was sick. She advised her that it was all due to the pop she had at the farmers market. Grandpa had only brought pop so she and Yogie had only had pop to drink and that later Kathy and Mat brought them more pop to drink so she had had way to much pop and that that was why she got sick. The doctor told her that pop wasn't all the good for her and maybe she had figured out the cause. The doctor was proud of her observation. Booboo has decided she is not longer going to drink pop even as a sometimes food.

Poppie decided to use the new scrubber, he had tried it out a little before but due to the rain yesterday he had more time to spend with it. He loves it, it works like a charm, and cleans down deep. He has decided he will get all of the house done this weekend while I am at the Flea Market, the girls will be there then have a birthday party. We have the graduation on Sunday but he plans to have it all done. It also scrubs floors so we will have to see how that works. Some investments are worth every penny of their expense. This one worth every one. If the sun shines this afternoon, he wants to get his rafters up.

I spent most of the day keeping Cubbie from hurting the puppy, crawling on Booboo and fighting with Boy. Once during the afternoon, both came out telling on the other for biting. I told them that biting was naughty and that it hurts people, I bite both of them to show them how much it hurts people. I told them that they were not to bite or I would bite them as punishment. They both don't want to be bit, by Nannie again, so assured me they would be good. We will see, I don't think there will be anymore biting though. They were shocked that Nannie would bite them. Shock factor is sometimes the winning solution. They tried to be good the rest of the day. Boy got my puppy Saddie going once and then Cubbie wanted to cuddle her, the puppy bit her. Puppy got in trouble, and Cubbie was told not to try to play with the puppy when it was riled up. Curious was here for a short  time before her grandparents picked her up. She had fun with the kids while she was here.

The turkeys, in the studio, are getting big, we have determined that there are two toms and three hens, in the batch. They are getting very big now and soon will be going outside, which will be a really good thing. They eat everything they can get, they chirp all the time and you can smell them as that odd thing in my house, so they are in need of going to their new home outside. We will keep a pair for breeding, one is spoken for and will be sold for thanksgiving. We plan to eat one, for thanksgiving as well, we may keep the other hen as a second breeder. I am bidding one more hatching eggs, Booboo may have more to sell if we hatch any more out. I do hope her eggs hatch she has been so good in talking care of them. Being sick has dampened her spirits but she will work threw it.

I made up several little upcycled outfits yesterday, I think they are cute, I embellished them with applique. I have a few cut out to finish up today. Today is I will make up some bread, will try a recipe I came across so I won't be making the usual sourdough. I may make Cinnamon rolls as Booboo kind of wants some, I have a special cheese cake to make, not sure if it should be savory or sweet. May just end up with doing sweet as that is always the safe bet. Lots to do and many miles, mentally,to go before I sleep...... tomorrow.

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