Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Buckling quietly slipped away, Boaz will come to NannyLand, Death and births renewal.

Poppie and I both checked on the little buckling first thing in the morning. He was laying peacefully in the kennel but unaware of his surrounding, blind and in no pain. He later peacefully slipped away. We figured in the end that he had either gotten brain damage and or broke his neck but was not killed immediately. We think the trauma caused brain swelling that slowly took him. He was never in pain he just slowly faded away. We were saddened by his death but had not created bonds with him, which was good for the girls. He was a long awaited replacement for his brother that we sold earlier this year. Herbalist offered us his half brother in his place, he is one of her set of quad and has good breeding so we will soon be getting him. His name will be Boaz. Sadly part of farming is death, but renewal also comes, it is played out on a much quicker scale than life in general and a very good learning experience of all of the children. Farm kids never asked the questions that city kids do, they see it on a more personal level and ask different questions that are relevant to their lives. Death, sex,  and where to babies come from are all a part of their lives in a different manner and much more natural.  They know where babies come from, they help deliver them, at very young ages. Death comes with the birthing part of the time, and sex happens in the barnyard.

Gracie and I had a talk first thing when she came. We talked about how to treat the other children and the fact that school would be coming for her in the fall. I told her that at school she would not be allowed to bully the other children and that she should try to treat the other children the way she wanted to be treated. I asked her if she wanted the kids to like her and play with her at school. She assured me that she did. I explained to her that she should practice being nice to other children because if she didn't start doing that that the kids at school would not like her and not play with her. I told her that I knew she wanted to play with the other kids and that being mean to them was not the way to get the others to want to play with her. I also told her that you could not force them to like you, you had to be likable and they would play with her as she would be fun to like and share their time with. She did try to be better after that, she only had to sit in time out once, and I did spank her for spitting in the other kids food, but all in all she was trying to be a better friend to the kids. I guess we will have to work on her behavior until school starts.

I had an appointment to show my soaps at a local store, it showed well and they will let me know if they can use my soaps. If so, the owner has two stores, one here and one where she lives so could be a great opportunity. I also got a request for a sample for a lady on etsy that might make a large order of special size bars. Son had some one ask for milk for making some mozzarella of their own so possibilities are opening up.

I delivered laundry soap at CAKLS, but Lady was not there for hers and her eggs. She was not at the library at all she was at the hospital with her family welcoming her new little grandson into the world. I got to see pictures of him later, he is a lovely baby. One of the photos was particularly adorable, it was of her little granddaughter holding her new little brother, she was intently looking at his little fingers. It so looked like a new mother counting her babies fingers and toes, just the cutest thing ever. I am so happy for the whole family they deserve their happiness and joy at the expansion of their family. ................. tomorrow.

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