Thursday, December 13, 2012

A child sorrow is one of the saddest things there is.... but oh their joy.

I am not sure there is anything as precious or as naughty as a small child.  I am not sure that you can truly know true joy with out true sorrow.  I often wonder if there is to be no tears in heaven for eternity how will we measure the joy?  Will we become complacent to the joy and not embrace it without tears and sorrow?  I can not believe that is the case, as God never makes a mistake, so it must truly be my human failings that make we question an eternity without tears or sorrow,  I don't live in heaven, not the real one anyway but maybe a little slice on earth, but I digress, so maybe I only understand earthly life. 

I truly can not think of any thing more shatteringly sad than the true sorrow of a child.  Have you ever seen a child sob until it throws up?  Have you ever seen one cry in agony until it's nose bleeds?  No, not the sorrow from not getting a toy, or it's way, but the sorrow of a starving child, one that has lost a parent and longs for the comfort that only a parent can give.  The kind of sorrow no child should ever have to endure.  We rarely see it in America because we are to busy "getting ahead" or "living our lives".  We are so self centered we don't see that even in this land of plenty there are the children of sorrow.  The children who's parent is so stoned that they don't know that they didn't feed the baby for two days or left the child in it's excrement too.  There are the children that are the victims of untold abuses, sexual, physical, and emotional.  The true sorrows a child can endure abound in this land of plenty, and I am not even truly knowing of the sorrows of a child in a third world country,  the child who has a gun put in it's hands and taught to murder or die, the 12 year old that is forced to rape the woman of the defeated side.  I can not even imagine the sorrows so will leave it at this.... I sorrow for these lost souls.  I can't imagine that they will ever know the love of God.

I do know about the joy of a child.  The joy in the face of a baby that took it's first step and accomplished it.  The joy of a child that "went" in the toilet for the first time, their little face beaming as there little head goes round and round as they watch the flush of their accomplishment.  The joy of a child with a kitten or a puppy.  The joy of a child as momma comes home from work and they run into her arms.  The love on their faces as daddy spins them around and around.  The joy of a child as they squirt the first stream of milk from a teat into a bucket, and they did it all by themselves.  There are so many more that I can't even count them.  The are all the many blessing God allows us in our lives. 

It is funny how so little can bring so much joy to a child's life and all it takes is love of someone who cares.  God always cares but he allows us as humans to make choices.  We, as adults, make so many choice that effect the children in our lives.  We make the choice to have them, and that in any circumstances is a blessing, NO you say, well even the baby in a dirty diaper that is hungry has more of a chance at life than one that is a mass of destroyed tissue in a doctors trash, okay getting off and climbing down.  Again we make the choices that so effect our children's lives, we all make mistakes but everyday is a chance to stand up and do the right thing.  Everyday is a new day, a day when we can say "Lord, I have sinned and need your help"  The sorrow and the joy of a child lay in the hands of the peoples in their lives.  Are you a blessing to the children you love?  Have you ever helped a lost souls help their child, helped them to see God so they can rebuild their lives and help their child?  Have you......?  The possibilities for a child's joy are so many it just takes a moment to care.... tomorrow.

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