Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CAKLS, Pre-school, and little girls....

I normally start my Tuesdays with Pre-school and Cubbie.  Yesterday was no exception, it is a nice start to the day, adult conversation with Pre-school and the antics of Cubbie, sometime Cubbie even has her school time behavior out on display, but not always.  We were joined by Mokie and Bubbles, Mokie dropping Bubbles off and Bubbles stayed to play.  Cubbie likes to use scissors, we all know of the hair episode, so she was in her element cutting strips to make a chain that turned into an event calender for Christmas.  She was good at cutting nice strips, go figure.  I had spent the day prior changing my living room around so she and Pre-school had a coffee table or the student desk as options for a learning space.  Bubbles wanted to participate but was discouraged by one and all, from the cutting.  Cubbie didn't want to share, Pre-school did want her having the scissors and Nannie just plain didn't want her on the coffee table.  I got her to come play with me but she sure wanted to be including in the teaching. 

I know that Grandparents are notoriously proud of their "Einstein" grandchild and I rarely participate in the habit but I am amazed by Bubbles.  It is not uncommon in our family for children to walk or talk early, both Yogie and Cubbie walked at nine months.  Yogie had complicated conversation with an imaginary friend on her phone by 18 months but Bubble does surprise me with her advancements.  She actually has a couple of little sentences. "I'm done" ( I have almost never heard a little one who is first talking use "I", I find it odd.) when she wants out of her swing, which is where I feed her at.  She always says "I eat" when she comes in the door, if she is hunger which is a good portion of the time.  She says "I bath" and lots of word, "next month, Yogie's real name which is kind of complicated for a first few words vocabulary, she can say almost any word she just hear.   I know that is normal, yes it is if you were dealing with a 14 month old, which is what you mistakenly think she is, as she is big for her age and is doing things early, but she has been doing this since 9 months right along with her walking. She is now going to be a year old on the 9th but she does amaze me and since I am not easily impressed by babies who do early things that is saying something.  I do have grandma brag in me after all.... who would have thought. 

I got to sneak away from Cubbie and Bubbles to go to CAKLS, it was so nice of Poppie to let me go.  I am going to get to go more often soon, Mokie will have a shift change and I won't have them in the afternoons on Tuesdays.  I was supposed to be at CAKLS to help Teacher with a knitting dilemma but she didn't get to come, that is par for the course for us it seems of late.  One can come and another can't, imagine that we all have complicated lives.  I did get to help, Artist, she is a lovely matriarch lady that's dear husband passed on last spring.  She is a wonderful artist that donates her time too the library. She is among many that the Library is bless to have.  She does alot of the art work projects for the Library.  She had a dilemma, she was in the process of finding a photo of a parrot to paint for a client.  I asked her if she had looked on the Internet.  I told her that is how I find my subjects for commission work.  She said she didn't know how and hadn't thought of it. I got to show her the wonders of having art subjects at your finger tips,  I think she is sold on the technique now.  It made my day to show someone I have great respect for a whole new world of possibilities, no one who is living there life is ever to old to find new adventures. 

I hope you have an adventure that gives your life meaning today and every day of your life.  Some time the biggest adventure in life is living your life for God, he can show you wonders you have never dreamed of just go to him and asked it of him.... tomorrow. 

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