Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A day with the kids, the girls and the grands....

Booboo climbed into bed with me around six, Poppie is up and gone to the Professors.  Booboo is not feeling well she has just told me that she has been having chest and tummy pains off and on for a couple weeks.  The tummy pains are aliken to when she had them before.  The chest pains seem to come when she does "stuff", still trying to get a good answer to what stuff is,  or after she eats.  I gave her baking soda, she did not like it at all imagine that,  it didn't help.  I gave her one of my acid reflux pills and it helped.  The pepto helped the tummy, as normal.  I am going to have to take her in to have her checked again. I do wish that someone could tell me what is going on with her.  I truly hope that it is not a precursor to crohns or ulcerated colitis, which both of my older girls have, as does my sister and nephew.  We will have to get if figured out, I hope sooner than later.

The Boy was mad at me last night and said to his parents I said he had to clean Yogie's room before he could play games on my computer.  I told him that was a lie and I was not happy with his antics.  I am really not looking forward to spending the day with him if he is in the same frame of mind today.  I do wish I had a whole week with just the girls and not grands but you do what you have to.  We will make the best of our time together. 

I helped Booboo down loads some books for her Nook this morning.  One only had 8 pages and the second 577, I kind of wish I had found a happy medium.  She is currently reading the long one, the short one is read and done.  She seems to like the long one, she is struggling just a little to read it, may be a little to old for her but I think she is working that out and enjoying the book.  It's about a unicorn and she is beginning to get into it.  The Nooks were a hit, they both read books and played games most of the day yesterday. Bug showed Yogie how to down load music not sure I am all that happy about that but I do have the password and she doesn't so I have to ok all her downloads.  A good thing. 

I am glad to still be lounging in bed, wished I could do it most of the day, with the girls, but Bubbles, Cubbie and Boy will be here in a couple hours.  I have leftovers to figure out what to do with and games to play with kids so a long day to come. I have an order for four diaper covers to do.  Poppie is going to finish the purses this afternoon.  We have goats to finally harvest this week, now that Christmas is come and gone.  Life to get back to.  I hope you have a relaxing day, or maybe a first day back at work, either way I hope it is a blessed day with the Lord in it.... tomorrow.

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