Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bountiful Baskets, Potluck, and resting the rest of the day.....

Lady and I had a great day at the Zoo.  We got to ask questions at training that we had never got to ask before because we didn't have the knowledge of the yahoo groups or the BBFC book to guide us to the questions.  It really helped us to get things set in our minds to the goals we would like to set. We have a clearer idea of the things we would like to implement in our routine.  We are really getting a better handle on the whole project and excited to be on the road to opening our site, yay. 

I got most of my shopping done, still more to do, as do we really ever have all the shopping we need to do done or is it just that Christmas comes and whats done is done and that is good enough.  Moke, I and the girls have to be at the Zoo on Thursday for Yogie's ortho.  I should be able to have an idea of what else I need to do so I can get it done.  I picked up a huge roll of meat wrapping paper so there are no more excuses why Poppie can't get the goats harvested so I can get them into the freezer.

Today is potluck at Church to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the couples at Church, a wonderful accomplishment.  The girls are each making a salad, I am telling them the recipes but not touching anything so we will see how it goes.  I think it is going remarkable well, they woke up at 5:30, of their own accord, to get their salads going.  I am always so proud of them when they take the intuitive.  Yogie is making broccoli salad and Booboo is making fruit salad.  They both chose healthy options so what was great as well. 

Today after Church Poppie has to go get his backhoe, he got the drive line fixed in his truck yesterday.  He needs to go get his back hoe before it snows as if it snows it will be stuck at the Professors all winter, which Poppie is categorically against.  So today he will go get his toy.  The girls and are going to watch "it's a wonderful life" on the tube and move the computer area to the living room, so a laid back resting sort of afternoon is on tap.  May your day be filled with the Lord's blessing and salvation.... tomorrow.

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