Friday, December 21, 2012

Gingerbread people, gun stock done....... time was is it so elusive?

I was taking the gingerbread soap people out of the pan I molded them in yesterday when Mokie, Cubbie and Bubbles arrived.  Mokie liked them and asked if I could make some for Cubbie for today's pre-school party.  I love that she always asks at the last minute of  favors.  I told her she had to cut the soap.  She only had a short time before work but she cut about 1/2 of what was needed.  She left and I set Cubbie to cutting soap.  I sliced the bars in to slices and she was put to slicing the slices in to diced pieces.  She took to her task with fervour.  She chopped and diced with the concentration and seriousness that would have made a scientist proud.  She kept asking if she was doing it right.  It took her about a half hour or so to chop it all up.  I put it into the crock pot, the rebatcher, added the water and set it to cooking.  We cut up little jute pieces to insert into the hot soap when it had melted all together.  Hours later when the soap was melted I set the little strings and filled the gingerbread people and snowflakes up.  I popped the soap into the freezer for a quick set.  They were soon set and ready to come out of their molds.  I ended up with two colors of ginger people, the ones I had done earlier and the ones the Cubbie and I had done.  It always amazes me the the tiniest thing can make a difference in the color and texture of a soap.  The second batch was a much lighter batch?? 

I finished the gun stock that I was carving for a little boy for Christmas.  His dad will pick the rifle this weekend.  I hope he likes it. I think it turned out great.  I made a bugling elk, a seven point or a royal.   I also added ivory inlaid foot prints to the front hand grip.  I know I have offend the anti gunners, the ivory banners and the vegans, I do what I can.  I was looking on line and found that it can be quite lucrative to carve shocks.  I only found a few listing but all were much more expensive than mine.  I often find that to be the case but I can't really wrap my mind around what I would call over charging.  One was 5 times more expensive and not nearly as nice a carving, though she didn't have any takers on her listing so many the lack of experience and over pricing was tell tale.  I am happy with how it turned out.  I always like a new challenge and this was my first rifle stock.  Can you imagine the pressure of not messing up a little boys first rifle, and the confidence that the dad had that I wouldn't.  Trust is a nice thing in any situation. 

Today I have dolls to finish, a party that Cubbie feels I must attend, and have no time to do it as the Ladies will be home early so when will I finish the dolls if I go?  Go I must and finish the doll's I must, and then there is the Library party to attend, cookies to make, candies to finish and then there are pies..... I tried really I did but somehow I ran out of time and now am again making up time.  Nannie never has time, where does it go,  Do you find that you have so much more to do than time will allow?  I think that is called life, don't you? ....... tomorrow.

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