Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day of the year is here...

We got to go sledding yesterday. Yogie's sled had a small hole in it when we started.  Booboo had a big one in it when we ended, it wouldn't even sled.  We just went up the creek a little ways, it was so nice to be out in the woods, the snow was crisp and clean.  The air was new and just asking us to get some renewance from it.  We hiked down an old road that had a couple of kelly humps in it.  The sledding was in little spurts.  We went down to the creek but the road on the other side had been put to sleep so no sledding there either.  We walked back up to the car and went across the road to where the girls had sledded when they were little.  It was to small for them now so we went to a little bigger hill, Yogie came down and went awry into the bushes, Booboo came down straight as an arrow.  They were up and back to the top in no time.  The second trip Booboo hit a rock and began the devastation of the sled.  She went down a few more times but couldn't quite stay away from the rock.  We went on up the hill to another sight.  Yogie can down and the last little curve in the hill sent her into the bushes, again.  Booboo tried same thing,  they changed their start over a little and came down fairly good.  They were soon tired and we walked over to another little hill, and then back to where they sledded as babes.  They both couldn't resist going down the tiny little hill, Booboo's sled wouldn't go at all, it was done so they shared the other for a few runs.  Poppie pulled the bad one as they skulled their way down the road to the car.  I walked to the car but decided to walk on down the road the girls continued skulling.  They called out in a rowing pattern as they "oared" down the road.  I followed along and then ran ahead of them and they tried to catch up.  Poppie followed along in the car.  We went down the road about 1/2 a mile this way.  We came across two sets of giant wolf tracks in the snow that looked to have been chasing a deer.  It was a little unnerving.  Before long we got back in the car and came home, a day of family, sometimes it is nice just to be the 4 of us.  We love all of the kids and grands but sometimes the girls just need to be able to be little girls in their own little family.  I love having been from a big family but it is a whole different style of family than that of small families, I am blessed to have been part of both. 

Wendy had a good day, she spent most of the time in the bathroom but has ventured out this morning.  She walked in a manner that puts me in mind of a clown on stilts.  Her back legs are all stiff.  So we have Saddie Sue of the snakey back end and Wendy of the stilts.  Funny, rarely does any one have a crimpy animal, we have two.  Mokie had to work this morning, so I have the grands until Son is home at 1.  Poppie is in a great deal of pain he over  did it with the hiking in the woods yesterday, the weather is cold here and that makes it all the worse.  We had to call off our plans to go to Lady's this evening very sad.  We do have a bit of the yucky tummy so it is good that we don't spread any bad unwanted things to others.  We are going to have a game and movie night with just the 4 of us, I think if we make it to 8 we will have outdone ourselves in endurance.  I hope the New Year brings you joy, love and happiness.  I hope the Lord calls to you in the New Year and his grace will bring salvation to your life.  Love to one and all...... tomorrow.

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