Monday, December 17, 2012

Why is it that liberals cry for the one and deny the other?

Job 3: 16 Or as an hidden untimely birth I had not been; as infants which never saw light.17 There the wicked cease from troubling; and there the weary be at rest.

I sorrow for the children from the atrocities last week, as most of you do, but why is it that it is okay for us to publicly sorrow for these children and not the ones we lose to abortion every year?  I was reading on face book where one of the most liberal radical people I know posted a call for gun control because of the murders.  One of the responses to her comments on her status about gun control was a conservative member of our community. I quote.... "Amidst all of the pain and sorrow in response to the Connecticut tragedy, and the immediate politicization of it, I see this country truly upside-down with its values. I would be much more sympathetic to those who push to eliminate gun ownership, which is the ultimate goal, if they showed as much concern for the killing of the 30+ million unborn children in this country since 1973! Were they not also cut down too soon?" She replied with...."Why bring abortion into the discussion? Is it not enough that 20 children died and their teachers? And how do you know how many people who push gun control (not elimination) are not also against abortion? I don't see the connection, unless you, like so many others, lump people into either conservative or liberal groups and assume that if you believe in some so-called liberal values, you expouse them all? I, too, see this country upside down in its values, but from a different perspective than you do. I can guarantee you that those who lost loved ones on Friday, and those who tended to them, are more concerned with gun control and gun violence; and, a number of them are probably pro-life. My sister lives in Newtown with my 2 nieces; she was one of the first responders. We, as a family, do not take life and death lightly. I would like to see that those who care for the unborn, also care as much for those already born; caring for them in concrete ways such as Welfare, education, prison reform, etc. And I mean LIFE in all its forms and stages: animals, young, old, troubled, etc." His response... "Why bring abortion into the discussion? Because our great country has legalized the murder of over 30 million of the unborn in 40 years. Why bring guns into the discussion? Because people illegally use guns to kill 9,000 Americans each year. I still hold to my position. This tragedy immediately morphed into a politicized issue which I did not start. I am quite sensitive to the living and dead victims of this tragedy, (although FaceBook is not a great way to fully communicate that.) And, I was quite careful to not begin labeling people. So, I am willing to listen to your position on the elimination of guns, if you are also concerned about the killing of the unborn. Where do you stand? Both require legislation to change, and both will affect human lives!"

When is it a good time to bring up abortion, the murder of innocents is the murder of innocents.  Why do liberal like the above always cry and whine about dogs being abused and murdered but abortion is something she supports with gusto, I don't mean to pick on her or point her out, she is one of many, many like her, a norm in this society.  Gun control bad, abuse of animal bad,( don't get me wrong I under no circumstance promote the abuse of animals but not one animal is worth one infants life) global warming bad, a whole multitude of other things bad, abortion good a choice, a victory for woman, really if that is victory I want to be among the defeated.  This society, as the man above says, really has it morals and values upside down. 

I read Job and find hope in Gods word.  He knows of the infants that never saw light.  God tells us where they are, that the wicked have ceased to trouble them and they the weary are at rest.  God has taken all of the Children from the Connecticut murders and all the lost aborted babies there.  They no longer are abused by the wicked, and wicked is a vast array of people, those who kill execution style in a school and those is a moment of weakness or with support and encouragement of the "people helping them do away with their problem" are wicked.  One because of mental illness, mental depravity and one who might sorrow for a lifetime about the mistake they were encouraged to make.  One unrepentant and one cries out to God for their sin and bears the pain of it for a lifetime.  Both wicked in the moment they killed.....  God takes the infants and children to home in glory free from the wicked that killed them and they rest with God in eternity.  I have no other way than Gods word to make sense of the senselessness of both events.... tomorrow.

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