Saturday, December 15, 2012

The loss of our innocense.... or the sum of our society?

I have no idea why children were on my mind so intensely this week, as I did end up writing to posts this week that really were sad involving children.  I truly believe many things come in threes.  I gave birth to three children.  I learned at the sheriff's office the horrific incidents in our area came in three whether it was deaths, car wrecks or whatevers?  I am not a numerologist but who can say why God allows threes to happen.  So today I am writing again about horrific event that children endure, sadly it is not limited to one place or one country. 

I am sure that all of you have heard of the sad murders in Connecticut and the slashings of children in China.  Why would such horrendous events take place on the same day and so far away from each other in our world?  I am sure there is a third event somewhere in the world or maybe it is yet to come, we may not know about it or don't know yet.  Why is it that our world wide society is producing more and more of these insane people who in their cowardice they choose to take children as their victims.  I am not a person who excuses people for their mental problems.  It seems more and more we have these kind of events and it is always "some one with mental problems".  I am not going to name them as doing so encourages the future "mental cases" to get on the list.  You know of the horrendous events that have taken place over the last 20 years.  More and more every year.  It gets easier and easier to excuse the acts by saying it was a mental problem.  Somehow we are accepting it into our society and the "mental" person knows it.  Our society is somehow condoning the behavior and pretending that we don't. 

Every time we have one of these massacres some aniti gun guru jumps on his soap box and screams "its the guns, it's the guns"  Well I have seen rooms full of guns and not one of them ever jumped off or out of it's confinement and killed anyone.  So, no, it is not the guns.  The gun is another victim to the evil of the person wielding it.  Let's make laws so those guns stop killing people.  Let's put the guns in prison or sentence them to death, they are the cause of the murders.  Really, will that help? If so lets try it and see the result, none and you know it.   When we have melted them all down and made them only available to the military, criminal enforcement and the criminals will children really stop dieing.  Do we take away the knives as well, it will be a little hard to cut steak for dinner or for chef's to do their fancy knife work to veggies.  Do he have to take away the axes, the chain saws, the glass from our windows?  Really? I have never once seen a pack of guns, knives, axes or chain saws coming down the street with violence, anger and vengeance or crime on their minds.  Things, inanimate object don't think, they don't kill and they done hunt down victims.  They are tools and picking out one to bane will just lead the real criminals or murders to another tool to do their deeds. 

Politics kill, look at the incident in Sweden, the "mental" person in that case yes, he used guns but he was going to kill people whether he had the gun or not.  Maybe we should bane politicians, I digress..... Yesterday, the "mental" person murdered his mother and then went to her school to execute children.  Yesterday a "mental" person went to a school and hunted children with his knife, he slashed and stabbed.  All were hunting trips.  We can not rule or constitute our way out of evil.  NO amount of laws will stop this.  Teaching our children not to bully, and not being bullies ourselves is a much more effective way.  You laugh.  Have you ever heard of one of these incidents where the "mental" person, and we all know all of the perpetrators are mental, wasn't bullied?  They are almost never born "mental" we created them.  We allow bullying but say we are into a no tolerance phase.  Really, it is human nature to bully more so than it is to hunt, or is it the same thing?  Hunting is stalking and eliminating the weaker being.  Bullying is stalking and destroying the weaker being.  We in this society bully, more and more yearly, but is it so subtle that we don't even call it bullying any more.  When I was a kid it was about calling names and hitting, hitting is not allowed so they bullying has evolved.  Now it is about the clothes your wear, the names on it, it is about what groups you belong to, it is about the electronic devices you have, it is about the car you drive, and more, and this is just in schools.  It is about the education you have, oh, the educated out there say "no way, education will stop the bullying"  really?  Isn't it about how much money or how many grants, or scholarships you can help your kid get so they don't end up like those  "other kids" you know the uneducated ones?  You know the ones that couldn't pay for it, didn't know how to get a scholarship or made just a little too much for the grants.  Educated people everyday pretend to care about the less fortunate but are the first to bully with their education.  Bullying is everywhere is our society and is subject to the prejudices of each person from their perspective.  The poor are bullied by the rich, the uneducated by the educated, the "bad" kids by the "good" kids.  What makes a kids a bad kid? bad just because of his birth?  I literally heard an officer, once say, that the rape case he was working on would not be prosecuted because the county attorney said the perp, was "a good kid from a good family"  funny if he had been prosecuted maybe he wouldn't have done prison time later.  Maybe "good" kids should have to be subject to the laws the same as "bad" kids.   People all see things from their point of view and have not a clue of walking in an others shoes in this day and age.  Maybe that is the answer?

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Maybe teaching your child they are not better because of their birth, their education or their right to live their lives as the please.  Maybe we need to go back to a society where others are as important as ourselves, and doing for others is upheld and esteemed,  and not just a life of what we can get out of our life.  I don't have any answers for any thing but I do know that the way we are going is not it.  Our country every day kicks God down the road, with God goes the morality of a society.  God is and has always been a God to be feared, funny how so many people forget that in this day and age.  Especially the ones who don't know a thing about him that only call out in their time of need though they know him not.  I read an article a year ago where the people wanting gay marriage made fun of us conservatives for suggesting that allowing same sex marriage would cause weirdos to want to get married to dogs and refrigerators.  Well yesterday right above the article on the murders was an article on a man fighting a bestiality charge by saying it was his constitutional right to have sex with a donkey.  Who laughing now? Once society goes down the road too moral wrong it never stops until all of morality is gone, remember reading about Sodom and Gomorrah?  I read it, I believe it and I fear for this country.  The murders are not isolated events they are the results of our ever decaying society and without change just the beginning of where our society will go, read your history or better yet read your Bible, it might be the only hope, no, it is the only hope...... tomorrow.

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