Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Caesar passes, a sad day but life goes forward.... Bug is 30.

Poppie went out to feed the goats yesterday and when he returned to the house he had bad news for me.  Caesar passed in the night.  He had shelter, food and water so we have no idea why he passed.  He was in the age expectancy for a buck so maybe it was just his time.  He had been getting slower the last six months.  I will miss him, he was the first buck we ever had.  He will be in our hearts as the patriarch of our herd.  We have many of his progeny in our herd.  His son is here to take his place.  He has babies coming in the spring.  We will get a new baby buck in the spring, from a quality herd, to be the back up to his son and to bring new blood into mix with his descendants.  He was a glorious old boy, he defended his herd, he endure the battle with the cougar and was the only goat left standing in the pen.  He looked so forlorn with this dead sons slayed and laying at his feet after the carnage was done.  He was a grand old man and I don't think I will ever forget him, he will be in my heart as the start of my herd.  I will miss his quite laid back manner.  I will miss is majestic being standing protector over my herd.  He will be missed, and non replaceable, in our hearts, I hope we can just find another that will live up to the standard he set.

Bug turned 30 yesterday.  We spent the afternoon with him and his kids.  Buga and Cubbie romped and played.  M shared her fingernail polishes and lip glosses, Bug painted all the girls fingers.  Eldest and Boy played the xbox.  Eldest tried his best to teach Boy the ins and outs of blasting the bad guys.  The Ladies got to join in and they all took turns blasting away the enemy.  Bug got his customary black forest cake.  This year the Ladies got to make it.  They went into the kitchen yesterday after the Bible reading and made the cake all by themselves.  The cakes was in no way even, it was a little lumpy and forlorn but it was made for a big brother with all the love they have.  They each made him birthday cards as well. They spelled his name wrong, to which he made sure to point out their short comings but then told them that that was okay, most people couldn't spell his name.  I think that he has grown a great deal in the last year.  He has gotten saved, and learned to, or is on his way to learning to go on, and let things flow away from you.  Not to hold on to things that are a lost cause and that life goes on.  He is getting his life together in a way that is befitting the 30 year old he is.  He is ready to put the twenties behind in all the right ways.  I am hopeful for his transformation.  He has fought many a demon this last year and I hope he is strong enough to stay on the new better path he is forging out.  God is with him and with God any man has the bases for all the success they can hope for and reached out and acquire.  He has all the tools to become the best he can be, I pray he holds on to them.  I do know that down deep he is his father's son and I am so glad he is learning to embrace that with love.  Happy Birthday my son, I love you and hope for the emergence of the butterfly you can be to make it's entrance into this world in the coming years..... tomorrow.

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