Friday, December 28, 2012

Bubbles has no bubble, lounging and cuddles....

Bubbles was not her bubbly little self yesterday.  She wanted to be held and a cuddled, she wouldn't eat and wasn't at all playful.  She took turns trying to get Yogie, Booboo or me to hold her.  I ended up holding her while she slept most of the afternoon, after a good nap in the morning.  I called Mokie and let her know, she made her an appointment and she did indeed have an ear infection.  She never runs a fever, just like her momma didn't, so they didn't prescribe her antibiotics but they did give her ear drops.  Today will probably be a repeat of yesterday.  Boy, Cubbie and Yogies spent several hours out exploring the snow, sledding around the yard with the dogs.  Booboo is still off but her symptoms are the same as Herbalists, she was sick and they couldn't some to Christmas dinner so that is a blessing, can it be a blessing that a child is sick?  It is if you think it is something much worse than it turns out to be. 

Today we are definitely going to get the Nook covers done.  They have picked out their wools and are getting ready to cut them.  We have done our Bible study.  Funny we had not done them this week and the Ladies asked me if they could this morning.  I told them I was up every morning awaiting them but they didn't come.  This morning bright and shinny as pennies they came and we studied.  I am so proud of them.  They are starting their longest memory parables ever, the parables of the Vineyards.  Each will have to learn about 11 verses.  It will be a nice beginning of the new year for them to study this one.  we had a discussion of what it meant.  I do love that they are securely down the path of loving the Lord.  It will be so rewarding to watch them strengthen their faith and eventually accept salvation in their lives.  How wondrous the road to salvation is.

We are having rabbit for dinner.  We marinated our first rabbits that we harvested yesterday.  Today we will fry them up.  I think we are going to treat the pigs with the rest of the Christmas left overs, start anew so to speak.  I think today is the last day of taking care of the grands,  the rest of the holiday vacation if they are here will just be visits at Nannies.  Funny how visits and babysitting days can be so different.  Visit are fun, babysitting days are alot of work.  I hope you enjoy your day.  I pray that you see the love of God and accept his will in your life... tomorrow.

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