Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to one and all....

We had a nice Christmas eve.  Mokie and family came over.  We had homemade pizza, pigs in a blanket that Booboo and Cubbie made, fudge that Yogie and Boy made, chips dips, root beer (it was a special occasion treat) they forgot the ice cream so they weren't actually floats, cookies and homemade chocolate covered cherries, Poppie loved, yay.  I gave Bubbles and Cubbie matching pj's and Boy got a black long john shirt, he won't have to steal his dads anymore.  Bug was here for awhile but left to go play games with his friends.  Mokie and family went home, the girls got their Christmas eve present from Poppie and I.  They loved their baby dolls that I made, their upcycled clothes and all, they each got berets that matched their dolls.  Poppie showed them their purses, they are not quite done but the girls loved them.  I do so love that my girls are not materialistic, I am not but I didn't think that they were not as well, who knew.  They loved their dolls, not the way a kid that didn't get what they wanted and is pleasing mom by showing her they liked the unwanted gift.  They actually liked them.  Yogie has changed her dolls diaper three times..... Love that they are as old as they are and still have an innocence that alot of kids their age no longer have.  The magic of Santa included.  We finished the evening playing their new game Farkle.  Booboo coined a new term "farkled".  It was funny, the girls and I had a good old fashioned fun time, just the three of us in a rousing game of chance.  NO technology to interfere with it. 

This morning they awakened us at 7ish.  They opened their gifts, clothes, one got a watch and one got an art set, both got a set of long johns,  joy on their face for having received the gifts they ask for.  They opened up their stocking finding candy and a pomegranate, oh and a color nook each, both excited to receive something they didn't even know they wanted.  They have spent the morning playing spelling games, primary games and ABC games on the web of their nooks.  They can't wait for them to charge so they can read books from the Library.  Santa was good to them and was lovingly thanked. 

We are getting going, cooking to do and dinner to make.  The ladies have plans to make a cover for their nooks out of wool, and more doll clothes, sewing project to accomplish.  I love the slow pace that this one week of the year always affords us.  It is almost as if time stops for a moment and gives us a special week of memories.  I hope your day is filled with the old fashioned simplicity of time with your family.  I pray that the Lord is in your thoughts and day, without him we would be no better than the animals with no hope for eternity and life everlasting.  May your new year be filled with the glory of God, the love of family and the hope of the good that can come.... tomorrow.

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