Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I sometimes sorrow for people and the choices they make...... maybe some do for me?

I think the older I get the more I might have some wisdom.  I wonder if that is God's plan to allow us the foolishness of youth, or is it just the foolishness of human kind.  I do know that our greatest wisdom as humans is but naught to God.  I know God wants us to be as pure as children in our faith.  Oh, to have the faith of a child, so pure and so innocent.  A baby is born trusting in, and completely dependent, upon its parents.  It has no knowledge of any thing but that they are loved and all their needs are meant with no reserve.  A toddler still looks to it's parents with that same love, dependence and faith.  Oh, but that we could love God with that same adoration.  The pre-schooler still depends on it's parents but is beginning to have knowledge of self in a way that questions that mom or dad are their all.  The school age child learns to be without mom and dad finds that they are in control of their being, they step into the foray of life without mom or dad for the first time.  Mom and dad become for the first time far away and maybe they don't know everything.  It goes down hill for there, by the time they are teenagers mom and dad are almost to stupid to get out of bed, funny how by the time they are about 25 or 30 mom and dad regain some of the knowledge they once had when that baby could only just crawl. 

Ever spend much time with the tween to 30 set?  They are the most smartest know it alls that ever lived.  They find that they are the authority on most any subject, even if they have never even been introduced to the subject.  There are the all knowing mothers, some that never even birthed a child, the ones that know how to spend what they have and what you have as well, because goodness knows old people couldn't know anything about money.  There are ones that are Mario Andriette and you are an accident waiting to happen, though you have been driving longer than they have breathed.  There are all sorts of Einstein young adults, I am sure you might know one or two, if not just stop in a school parking lot and step out of a car, high school or college it doesn't matter, there is definitely a mob of people there much wiser, smart and more capable than you just ask them they will tell you the truth of it.  God never made anyone smarter than they are, they know because they think, eat and breath their superior accomplishment and contribution to mankind daily. 

Ironically, meet that same super human down the road a few years and they are so much more like that lovely little person their parents sent off to school so long ago.  They have respect for their parents, for their elders, they seek out your experience, not that they couldn't figure it out on their own but that they value the input you might have on the subject, they welcome your thoughts.  They want to share your time, your memories, your thoughts and maybe they just want to spend time knowing that mom or dad loves them and wants the best for them.  They are no longer embarrassed by you but proud that they have you in their family tree. 

I so sorrow for young people sometimes.  They go through the most explosive decade of their lives with such anger, rebellion and self absorption as their armor.  Was it always that way?  Is it supposed to be that way?  Did God have a plan in that, as he does with all of the rest of our lives?  Does it apply that if they didn't become their own selves they would never leave you and be a dysfunctional entity that stayed at home for their whole lives?  Loving and respecting your parent doesn't mean that you don't have differences, it doesn't mean that you can't have a life of your own.  It doesn't mean staying with your parent into perpetuity.  It means that you must take flight and learn to fly on your own.  It can be for a heart beat, a day, a year or a lifetime, but every child needs to have that moment in time to become.  They become the whole person God sent them to earth to be.  God does not have grand children, he has children and all children have to become the adult they were meant to be.  Sometimes, as parents we drag our feet and try to keep them as children, and sometimes the child drags it's feet and wants to hold on to momma or daddy's hand but all have to let go.  All people need to be the person God sent them to earth to be, if they don't step into life they can be such damaged, sad, broken people.  Good intentions of the possessive child or parent, that can't let go, can be the destruction of a soul, not only a person. The choices we make in this life are like the ripples of a stone thrown into a pond, almost none of them we make causes non effect.  All choices lead us forward or backward but rarely do they leave us in a holding pattern.  Make good choices for yourself, for your child or loved ones and especially make choices that lead you to God, those choices almost always enlighten your life, and others lives as well.

It matters not what I think of your life or you think of my life.  I don't make your choices and you surely don't make mine.  I don't answer to God for you and you won't for me.  God cares not what you want for others he only cares what you do, he asks us all individually to make a choice for ourselves, no he doesn't have even one grand child..... tomorrow.

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