Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bubbles has a birthday, NO Church for Nannie, maybe a tree.

Poppie and I had a nice day.  We got lots done, I have a whole stack of dolls with legs and arms, no bodies but arms and legs.  Now to get Mom to come help me finish them up for her two.  I have three to do, I have two for the Ladies and one I am making for the baby shower for one of the girls at our Church.   Bug is going to make up the two pre-sewn mini's I have, maybe.  Poppie got all of the cutting of the purses done and all of the hole punching, hundreds.  His poor hand is sore from the scissors and punch.  Good thing he gets a reprieve for the day and tomorrow, but he will have to get working on the tooling of the designs, the staining, the painting to have them done in time.  I think that I am really going to get him to make at least one each of the doll furniture.  I hope Mokie likes them as Son would like making some of them as well once he sees the pattern, he like patterns. 

Today I am home from Church, my tooth is still paining me, at this stage it just does and has since Thursday.  The ibuprofen does help but I can't be understood.  Poppie and Mokie get more frustrated with my speech than the girls.  The little just think I am talking their language and can understand it quite well....  So Poppie says I am not going to Church, I am going to stay in bed rest a little and watch Dr. Stanley, then I will get up and get some stuff done.  Booboo and I have to make treats for 4H as she volunteered so have to make something for tomorrow night.  I think there are 45 kids plus adults... what to make?  We will think of something I am sure.

Today our little Bubbles turns the big ONE.   We picked her up a ice cream cake on Thursday.  She has been a joy the last year.  She is a special little soul, aren't they all.  That is the best part of being a Nannie, you get to think that each and every one of your grands are the most special little  person.  I don't kid myself they are little humans so they are none of them perfect, as some grandparents would have you believe theirs are, they are people after all.  She has a mass of almost black hair and a bunch of it, which is unusual in our branch of the family.  Booboo had long hair as did Bug, but for the most part our one year olds are bald, she isn't.  She walks and talks in a manner that is much older than she is.  She is a lovey, she puts herself down for a nap almost on schedule, she has a little make shift bed I have on my front room floor just so she can.  I hadn't really thought of her not having toys at my house, she always plays with my shampoo bottle stash and my soap molds.  I need to get her a little toy box to slide under the coffee table by her little makeshift bed.  She was thrilled with the toys at the dentist office, I had never seen her really really play with toys, I feel bad that I failed her, though she did get to throw my molds and bottles all about like a child with a cardboard box.  So maybe I didn't fail to badly.  Happy Birthday to my youngest dear granddaughter.  Nannie loves you and holds you special in her heart.

I am hoping we can go get a tree today, the girls going to the grands put us off schedule, good for working  on our project bad for getting a tree.  I try never to say no when the grands ask for them to come, even at the last minute.  They need the relationship with their grands.  Maybe a tree today.  I hope the Lord blesses your life,  I hope that you live a life that makes you happy.  Happy is relative, what I find to be happiness is not what you would want and I am sure your happiness would not be mine, so wondrous that God gives us all the happiness we need... tomorrow.

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