Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tooth growls its last, Zootown, and girls day.

We spent the afternoon moving the pigs, the littles went to the old chicken coop, the sows were moved into the adjoining pen so we can clean their old one and then move Miss Chops back.  They will do better next door to one an other rather than together at the stage in their lives.  I still have a bunch of pig manure to more into a giant hole they excavated but I got alot of it filled in with Cubbies supervision.  I won't manage to get it done today as today is an ortho day at the Zoo. 

My tooth has finally decided to come out, it is not happy to be coming out so it is scream ever bit of the way.  I am in a lot of pain but there is the knowing that it will be finally out with in the next few days.  I worry it as much as I can stand and am taking lots of ibuprofen to manage through.  This is one of the times when I would wish that I liked prescription drugs but God willing I will manage.  I can not talk with out a lipse, because I can move it far enough in to the palette, that it relieves the pain but makes my speech hilarious just ask the girls and Poppie.  I can't really chew so for going breakfast this morning as it hurts to much to make the effort worth it.  I am done whining and God willing I will no longer have a tooth to whine about in a few days, yay, and yay again.

Mokie, her girls, my girls and I are off to the Zoo.  I tried to get out of it but no one would let me stay home.  I understand why I have to go but that doesn't mean I want to go with the pounding pain.  They will have to put up with my funny voice, my meanness when I can't take  the pain any more but they will have asked for it.  I do have to pick up some stuff that I can't really have them do for me, so kay sir rah, I know, not spelled right but I have enough trouble with the English can't even imagine the French spellings.  Enjoy your day.  I am going to try to mine, and knowing that relief is within the realm of possibilities and coming soon,  God bless your day.... tomorrow.

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