Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas program, cookies and candies.....

The Ladies and I spent the day on Saturday making candies, cookies and pies.  We had to take the desserts of the after the children's Christmas program potluck.  We did well all the desserts were eaten up and recipe requests.  Funny how shocked people seems when you tell them the candy had mashed potatoes in it....  The Ladies were wonderful in the program, as was the Little and the two K's from church.  The program had six, well seven if you count their teacher, loved children in it.  They knew their parts and did well.  I charged up my batteries of my video camera and then forgot to take it.  Poppie refused to drive back up the "hill" to retrieve it.  I guess if you have ever seen the "hill" you would understand, still sad I didn't get a video of it.  I got photos on Booboo's camera, Poppie had bought her new batteries to take.  So all is not lost.  The kids did a great job, as did Violinist and Mama Violinist in teaching them.  Miss B gave all the kids little gifts with little bible verses, candy and chapstick,  Cubbie who got to go was a doll, love when that happens, loved it and was so excited to get it. The Church also gave all the kids a gift of little fun things as well.  Matt, Kathy and Only came, which was a nice surprise, they got to meet all the Church family, Grandpa and Grandmas came as well, the girls knew they would be there.  They didn't stay for the potluck,  It was a very nice evening and the Lord was praised by one and all.

I finished up the rifle stock.  The little boy that it was for loved it, his dad was too excited to wait until Christmas to give it to him, funny that.  Some one told him the inlay was done with a laser, he didn't think so so asked me how I had done it.  I told him with my dremel I don't have a laser, I think that is a compliment of how good it was, which made me satisfied that it was an okay piece for my first rifle stock.  I already have an order for a second.... that is nice.

Boy was broken hearted yesterday, when we came home from morning church he came running over ready to make fudge.  I told him that we couldn't today I had lots of stuff to get done before the children's program.  He was upset with Nannie as he went back home,  I did tell him he could come over this morning so we could make his fudge for Christmas eve.  We have cookies and pies to make again today, after the fudges...  Professor and Herbalist are going to be coming over tomorrow to share the Lord's Birthday with us.

  The Ladies had been practicing a memory verse for Christmas and I think we are going to have them say it before dinner to get every one into the spirit of the day.  A remembrance of the reason for the season and the day,  to remember more importantly the love of God, who became man, came to earth to be sacrificed for our sins.  When some one says to you "how could God let that happen? Or why doesn't God understand how horrible something is? " Remember that on Christmas we celebrate God, who came to earth suffered all and more things than we do every day.  He suffered the loss of loved one, the horrors of losing friends to murders, he suffered the temptations that the devil sends us.  He also suffered unfounded arrest, beating and torture for no crime of his own, he was sentenced to beatings, humiliations and Crucifixion as an innocent for the sins that we commit in this life.  He allows us to live our lives with all it's blessing, trials and tribulations as he allowed his son to do.  He wants us to know that he is with us in our lives and he does understand the living of our lives.  He also sent us his son born on, or celebrated on, Christmas day the greatest gift of all, salvation. He understands and is with us every day.........tomorrow.

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