Saturday, December 29, 2012

A day with just the Ladies....

Up bright and early is the norm here, up late is something that never happens, win win. The Ladies will not have to relearn to get up, we don't live on different time schedules for vacations or breaks in this house.  We have had Bible time, prayers said and the Ladies are working on tiding rooms so we can bake cookies at 9 to do our first cake decorating course or class, in the first course.  This is literally the first chance we have had to do it. We are going to do the course as written so cookies to start with.  Poppie won't share his cookies, he doesn't want icing on any of his so cookies we must make.  We are looking forward to a day without kids, the girls need the break.  Boy asked them to stay last night and they didn't want to, they usually end up watching Bubbles for Son if they stay so they are again helping babysit.  No babysitting today.

Poppie and Bug are going to finally do the harvesting today.  I have to take the briskets and the loin out of the freezer to thaw to mix in with the goat.  It will be nice to have ground meat and shanks.  I may make a roast of two, but mostly ground and shanks as that is what we like the most.  We had rabbit for dinner and all liked it. It actually didn't taste like chicken to me and Poppie, it did to the kids.

If we get all our stuff done today we are going to try and get Poppie to take us sledding tomorrow afternoon.  It will be nice to get out of the house and into the woods.  It won't be far into the woods as though our valley doesn't have all that much snow on it the  woods are full of deep snow so we will only get to go up a little ways.  It is nice sometime to just get away.  The sicky's are all gone but Poppie and I are showing signs of getting it so lets hope that doesn't sideline us in the end.  May the day bring togetherness to all and the Lords glory to your life.  The act of praising the Lord can bring some of the most glorious of times to your life..... tomorrow.

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