Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ok, so plans changing is the norm here....

I didn't get to spend the day in bed or even a short time in bed.  No one in there right mind can spend time in bed with Cubbie and Bubbles in the house.  They came at around 9 yesterday, they just got dropped off today but I digress.  Boy brought his three layered race car track, so a good part of the day was spent keeping Cubbie from "playing" with it.  I was not going to allow her to break it on my watch, thank goodness it went home last night and did not return this morning.  Cubbie brought her baby so she spent some time playing with her.  The girls spent the day playing with their Nooks and Boy on the computer playing primary games.  Booboo spent a great part of the day in my bed trying to feel better, the good news is that Poppie came home from the Professor's with the same burning heart burn and sick stomach, yay.  Sorry, but her symptoms had me worried until Poppie displayed the same ones.  I did get the diaper cover order done, giant covers well not giant but big enough for a large toddler, all neutral colors as the lady has both girls and boys so they will work for both.  We grazed all day, no cooking so that was a blessing.  I have the grands today and tomorrow, and maybe not again until after the kids go back to school.  I love the grands but I do so want some time with the girls on this long holiday.  We want to go sledding in the woods one day. 

Today I think I am going to help each of the Ladies make a Nook cover, I couldn't find the hard shell covers I wanted for them but felt the silicone ones wouldn't be that effective.  They  are not allowed to take them out of the house at this point.  We are thinking that some of the felted wool I have is really thick, almost to thick to make diaper covers but might make a great protective sleeve for the Nooks, so today they are each going to cut them out and sew them.  I also have to finish up a little doll for Belle's little girl.  I ended up with a dark complected body when I ordered a bunch of patterns, I also have a little dark face girl head in the dolls that Cartoons Mama gave me so a win win, I hope to get the doll done this afternoon.  I made a several bodies extra when I made the girls dolls so hopefully Mokie will get time to finish them up for the little girls.  If not maybe I will get the girls to help me finish them up for the little girls. 

I need to make shampoo and laundry soap today, actually I can't make them both at the same time, well I could if I split one of the batches into half batches after I sponified them.  I have a large crock pot and a small triple set of crock pots, I could split the laundry soap into the triple.  hmmmm, I guess doing them both at the same time would be time effective as they have to cook about 4 hours after they sponify.  Either way I have to make them up today.  A friend of mine, from my childhood, Rider, I always remember her riding the horses that her family had, found bluing at the Amish store, so I now have a resource for it, just have to pick some up next time I am there, can't wait to try it in the laundry soap but it will have to be next batch.....  Anyway, I think I am going to tweak my shampoo a little and add some Castor oil to it this time.  Now it has almond oil, Shea and coconut oil, so I think the Castor will add a little something extra.  I did figure out how to make homemade dish washer soap, that works, I had made numerous one that didn't, they all left a film on the dishes but I finally got a batch that works, yay.  I have been using it on my dishes for about a week, no film. 

Well I got to get up and get going I have pancakes to make for five littles, maybe mickey mouse huckleberry pancakes with homemade maple syrup, I bought mapeline the other day thinking I would need to make up a batch.  My waffle iron is in need of repair so it is pancakes for sure. I hope you have a day with your family. I hope you are more gracious about the abundance of family in your life than I have been with my littles, I do love to have them but there are the little moments of greed in me that make me want to spend time with just my two littles as they are only going to be little once, and I know from past experience how fast the time is lost.  May the Lord bless your day with littles in your life and if not, my he can bless your day in the ways you need his blessings..... tomorrow.

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